1997 Executions
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Paul Ruiz

Marvin Richie & Opal James



Earl Von Denton

Marvin Richie & Opal James



Kirt Wainwright

Barbara Smith



Billy Wayne Waldrop

Thurman Donahoo



Randy Greenawalt   

John, Donnelda & Christopher Lyons & Theresa Tyson



Eric Schneider

Richard Schwendeman & Ronald Thompson



Michael Carl George 

Alexander Sztanko



Richard Brimage, Jr.

Mary Beth Kunkel



Coleman Wayne Gray 

Richard McClelland, Lisa Sorrell & her 3-year-old daughter Shanta



John Barfield

Cindy Rounseville



Pedro Medina

Dorothy James



David Herman

Jennifer Bums



David Spence

Jill Montgomery, Kenneth Franks, Raylene Rice



Billy Joe Woods

Mabel Ehatt



Benjamin Boyle

Gail Lenore Smith



John Ashley Brown, Jr.

Omer Laughlin



Kenneth Gentry

Jimmy Dean ham



Ernest Baldree

Homer and Nancy Howard



Walter Hill

Willie Mae Hammock, John & Lois Tatum



Terry Washington   

Beatrice Huling



Scott Carpenter

A.J. Kelley



Anthony Westley

Frank Hall



Harry Moore

Thomas Lauri & Barbara Cunningham



Clifton Belyeu

Melodie Bolton



Richard Drinkard   

Ladean Hendrix, Lou Ann Anthony, Jerry Mullins



Clarence Lackey

Toni Dianne Kumpf



Bruce Callins

Allen Huckleberry



Larry White

Elizabeth St. John



Robert Madden

Herbert and Don Megason



Patrick Rogers

David Roberts



Kenneth Harris

Lisa Stonestreet



Davis Losada

Olga Lidia Perales



Dorsie Lee Johnson 

Jack Huddleston



Henry Hays

Michael Donald



Earl Behringer

Daniel Meyer & Janet Hancock



Michael Elkins     

Patrica Whitt



David Stoker

David Manrique



Eddie Johnson

David Magee, Virginia Cadena, Elizabeth Galvan



Ireneo Montota

John Kilheffer



William Worakeck   

Linda Leslie



Harold McQueen

Rebecca O'Hearne



Flint Gregory Hunt 

Vincent Adolfo



Roy Bruce Smith

John Conner lil



Joseph O'Dell

Helen Schartner



Bobby West

Deanna Klaus



Eugene Wallace Perry     

Kenneth Staton & Suzanne Staton-Ware



Ralph Feltrop

Barbara Ann Roam



Donald Reese

James Watson, Christopher Griffith, John  Burford, Don Vanderlinden



Carlton Jerome Pope

Cynthia Gray



Andrew Six

Kathy Allen



James Carl Lee Davis

Yvette, Tony & Tyran Johnson



Mario Murphy

James Radcliff



Jessel Tumer

Charles Hunter



Sam McDonald

Robert Jordan



Benjamin Stone

Patsy Stone & Katha Lynn Van Coney



Johnny Cockrum

Eva May



Dwight David Adanandus

Vemon Hanan



Ricky Green

Syeven Fefferman



Gary Lee Davis

Virginia May



Alan Bannister

Darrell Ruestman



Kenneth Ray Ransom 

Roddy Harris, Amold & Joerene Pequono
and Anil Varughese



Aua Lauti

Tara Lauti



Aaren Lee Fuller   

Loretta Stevens



Earl Matthews

Lucia Aimar



Dawuud Mu'Min

Gladys Nopwasky



Walter Stewart

Thomas Paviopoulos & Dinalo Rodica



Durlyn Edmonds     

Richard Lee Miller



Michael Eugene Sharp

Brenda Broadway & Christie Elms



Gary Burris

Kenneth Chambers



Charles Livingston 

Janet Caldwell



Robert E. Williams 

Catherine Brook, Patricia McGarry, Virginia Rowe



Michael Lockhart   

Paul Hulsey, Jr., Windy Gallagher, Jennifer Colhouer



Michael Satcher

Ann Borchesani



Thomas Beavers

Marguerite Lowery


1997 Texas Executions

Richard Brimage Jr.
Feb. 10, 1997
Convicted in the abduction and slaying of Mary Beth Kunkel of Kingsville. Kunkel was reportedly lured to Brimage's residence, where she was sexually assaulted, strangled and suffocated with a sock.

John Kennedy Barefield
March 12, 1997
Convicted in the rape and execution-style slaying of Cindy Rounsaville, a 25-year-old Rice University student. Rounsaville was abducted by Barefield and two other men as she was walking to her car in the parking lot of her southwest Houston apartment complex. She was shot twice in the back of the head by Barefield after she tried to escape.

David Lee Herman
April 2, 1997
Convicted in the death of Jennifer E. Burns, 21, during the robbery of the Lace topless nightclub in Arlington.

David Wayne Spence
April 3, 1997
Twice convicted of capital murder in the mistaken-identity killings of three teen-agers -- Jill Montgomery, 17, Raylene Rice, 17, and Kenneth Franks, 18 -- in a botched murder-for-hire scheme in Waco. Both women were sexually assaulted before being killed.

Billy Joe Woods
April 14, 1997
Convicted in the beating and strangulation death of Mabel E. Ehatt, a 62-year-old disabled woman. Woods broke into Ehatt's apartment in Houston and brutally beat her before raping her.

Kenneth Edward Gentry
April 16, 1997
Convicted in the capital murder of 23-year-old Jimmy Don Ham, whose body was found in a park on the shore of Lake Lewisville.

Benjamin H. Boyle
April 21, 1997?
Convicted in the death of Gail Lenore Smith, 20, near Amarillo. Smith, who worked as a cocktail waitress in Fort Worth and often hitched rides with truckers, was raped and strangled with a necktie.

Ernest Orville Baldree
April 29, 1997
Convicted in the deaths of Homer and Nancy Howard at their residence in Coolidge after the couple had asked Baldree to help with some work around their home. Baldree fled in the victim's car, taking cash and jewelry worth approximately $1,500. He was arrested in Arlington on Oct. 31, 1986.

Terry Washington
May 6, 1997
Convicted in the robbery/slaying of Beatrice Louise Huling, 29, manager of a College Station restaurant. Washington, a dishwasher at the restaurant, stabbed Beatrice 85 times and then stole $628 from the restaurant.

Anthony Ray Westley
May 13, 1997
Convicted in the robbery and death of Chester Frank Howard, 39, owner of bait shop in northeast Harris County.

Clifton Eugene Belyeu
May 16, 1997
Belyeu was convicted in the death of Melodie Lundgren Bolton of West, who was shot in the head and stabbed during a burglary of her home.

Richard G. Drinkard
May 19, 1997
Convicted of the murder of Lou Ann Anthony, 44, LaDean Hendrix, 47, and Jerry Mullens, 43. The three were stabbed and beaten with a claw hammer. Police said Drinkard stole $350 from Anthony's house.

Clarence Allen Lackey
May 20, 1997
Convicted in the abduction and slashing death of Diane Kumph, 20, in Lubbock. Kumph was raped and beaten and had her throat slashed by Lackey, who also burglarized her apartment. After the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals reversed his conviction, he was tried and convicted a second time in 1983.

Bruce Edwin Callins
May 21, 1997
Callins killed Allen Huckleberry during a robbery of a Fort Worth bar. Callins reportedly told the bar patrons during the heist that he would "shoot anyone who held anything back."
Larry Wayne White
May 22, 1997
Convicted in the Houston robbery/slaying of Elizabeth St. John, who was strangled and stabbed in the back with a screwdriver.

Robert Anthony Madden
May 28, 1997
Madden was sentenced for the shooting/stabbing deaths of Herbert Ewin Megason, 56, and his son Gary Lynn Megason, 21. The bodies had been placed in a small creek with brush piled on top of them.

Patrick F. Rogers
June 2, 1997
Convicted in the death of Paris police officer David Wilburn Roberts, 23. The police officer had stopped Rogers and an accomplice after a robbery. According to seven witnesses, Rogers shot Roberts before he could get out of his squad car.


Kenneth Bernard Harris
June 3, 1997
Convicted in the rape and slaying of 28-year-old Lisa Ann Stonestreet in Houston. Stonestreet was raped inside her apartment and then choked and drowned. Prosecutors contend that Harris committed at least seven other rapes and robberies in Houston between December 1985 and July 1986.

Dorsie Johnson Jr.
June 4, 1997
Convicted in the death of Jack Huddleston, 53, a convenience store clerk in Snyder. Huddleston was shot once in the head with a .25-caliber pistol after being told to lie down on the floor during a robbery that netted $161.92.

Davis Losada
June 4, 1997
Convicted along with three co-defendants in the rape and murder of 15-year-old Olga Perales near San Benito. Perales was stabbed twice in the chest and abdomen and beaten around the head with a pipe. She had been raped repeatedly before her death.

Earl Russell Behringer
June 11, 1997
Convicted in the slayings of 22-year-old Daniel B. Meyer Jr. and Meyer's fiance, 21-year-old Janet Louise Hancock. The two college students were killed after Behringer and a co-defendant saw the couple parked in a field near Mansfield. Both were shot repeatedly in the head with a pistol that police recovered from Behringer.

David Stoker
June 16, 1997
Convicted in the robbery/slaying of David Manrrique, 50, a convenience store clerk in Hale Center. Manrrique was shot with a .22-caliber pistol during an early-morning robbery that netted $60.

Eddie James Johnson
June 17, 1997
Convicted in the abduction and slaying of three people in Aransas County. David Magee, Virginia Cadena and Cadena's daughter Elizabeth Galvan, 10, were abducted from an apartment complex in Aransas Pass and driven to a remote location, where they were shot with a pistol.

Irineo Montoya
June 18, 1997
Montoya, a native of Tampico, Mexico, was convicted in the robbery and murder of John Edgar Kilheffer, 46, in Brownsville. Kilheffer suffered 21 stab wounds to the neck, torso and legs. His body was stripped of its clothing and dumped in a grapefruit orchard, where it was discovered a week later.

Robert Wallace West Jr.
July 29, 1997
Convicted in the slaying of DeAnn Klaus, 22, in Houston. Klaus was strangled with a belt and pillowcase and then was beaten and stabbed with a wooden club.

James Carl Lee Davis
Sept. 9, 1997
Convicted of fatally beating Evet Johnson, 15, Tyron Johnson, 6, and Tom Johnson, 4, with a lead pipe during the burglary of their home.

Jessel Turner
Sept. 22, 1997
Convicted in the robbery-slaying of Charles Hunter, a Houston cab driver. Hunter was robbed and shot in the chest with a pistol after picking Turner up.

Benjamin C. Stone
Sept. 25, 1997
Convicted of the strangling death of his 34-year-old ex-wife, Patsy Lynn Stone, and his 12-year-old stepdaughter, Keitha Lynn Van Coney, at their Corpus Christi home.

John William Cockrum
Sept. 30, 1997
Convicted in the death of Eva May, 69, near DeKalb. May was shot once in the head during a grocery-store robbery.

Dwight Dwayne Adanandus
Oct. 1, 1997
Convicted in the death of Vernon Hanan during a bank robbery in San Antonio.

Ricky Lee Green
Oct. 8, 1997
Convicted of the sexual mutilation and murder of Steven Fefferman, 28, an advertising executive with KXAS/Channel 5. Fefferman was castrated and stabbed repeatedly with a butcher knife.

Kenneth Ray Ransom
Oct. 28, 1997
Convicted in the stabbing death of 19-year-old Arnold Pequeno at a Houston amusement park in an episode in which three other people were killed. Wilkerson had been fired from the amusement park about two weeks previously.

Aua Lauti
Nov. 4, 1997
Convicted of the murder of his 9-year-old cousin, Tara Lauti. Lauti, despondent over a breakup with his girlfriend, kidnapped his cousin and drove her to a field, where she was beaten, sexually assaulted and strangled.

Aaron Lee Fuller
Nov. 6, 1997
Convicted of robbery and murder in the death of Loretta Stephens, 68, in Lubbock. After robbing Stephens' home, Fuller said, he started to beat and choke her. He finally suffocated the woman with a pillow when he realized she had survived the initial beating. He dumped her body near Lamesa.

Michael Eugene Sharpe
November 19, 1997
Convicted in the abduction and stabbing death of Brenda Kay Broadway, 31, of Kermit. Broadway and her two daughters, ages 8 and 15, were reportedly abducted from a carwash and driven to a remote location in Ector County, where they were sexually abused. Broadway and her 8-year-old daughter were stabbed to death. Broadway's other daughter managed to escape. Naked, with her arms bound, she ran five miles through the desert before finding help at an oil rig. The bodies of the two victims were found buried in a shallow grave.

Charlie Livingston
Nov. 21, 1997
Convicted in the robbery-murder of 38-year-old Janet Caldwell outside a grocery store in Houston. Livingston crawled underneath Caldwell's van and waited until she returned with an armload of groceries. He then emerged, pointed a pistol at her and attempted to steal her purse. As she struggled, he shot her twice in the throat, then fled.

Michael Lee Lockhart
Dec. 9, 1997
Convicted in the death of Beaumont police officer Paul Douglas Hulsey Jr., who was shot while attempting to arrest Lockhart for driving a stolen vehicle. Lockhart spent the afternoon of March 22, 1988, visiting with a group of female employees in a clothing store in the Parkdale Mall in Beaumont, Texas. Driving a stolen red Corvette, Lockhart left the mall at approximately 5:15 p.m. and drove to a high-crime area of Beaumont where he encountered a group of young males. Lockhart asked one of the men, Joseph Malone, Jr., where he could purchase some marijuana and cocaine. Malone then accepted a ride in Lockhart's car. A Beaumont police officer, Paul Hulsey, Jr., saw Lockhart and Malone, became suspicious, and turned to follow them. However, Lockhart sped away. Hulsey chased Lockhart for several minutes, but Lockhart soon lost him. During the chase, Malone asked Lockhart if he had seen the officer, and Lockhart replied, "They're not going to stop me anymore." After he successfully eluded the police, Lockhart let Malone out of the car and sped off. Hulsey continued to look for the red Corvette and, when he saw Malone walking, he asked him what he knew about the driver of the red Corvette. After talking with Malone, Hulsey stopped by the Sabine Tabernacle Church to talk to off-duty police officer John Larry Thomas at approximately 6:35 p.m. Hulsey told Thomas about the chase and that he intended to check all of the nearby motels for the red Corvette. At approximately 7 p.m., Hulsey located the red Corvette in the parking lot of the Best Western Hotel. He radioed the information to fellow officer Keith Goudeau, who parked his vehicle in an adjacent parking lot. Goudeau confirmed the sighting of the red Corvette in the parking lot. Both officers also sighted Lockhart walking toward the front desk of the motel. Hulsey contacted the teletype operator for the Beaumont Police Department, Daphne Winger Reneau, and requested that she check to see whether the license plate on Lockhart's car was stolen. The license plate had been reported as stolen in Tampa, Florida, and she communicated this fact to Hulsey, who requested that she send another unit over. Reneau relayed this request immediately to the dispatch officer, who broadcast the request for assistance. At 7:13 p.m., Hulsey also requested assistance on the main channel used by the police department. Goudeau did not respond to Hulsey's request because he had responded to an auto-pedestrian accident nearby. Ruben Rodriguez, a guest of the Best Western motel staying in the room next to Lockhart's, heard a commotion shortly after 7 p.m. that began with banging on the walls and progressed to three loud bangs. He estimated that the commotion happened quickly and may have lasted a minute or more before he heard a car leave, screeching its tires. Another Best Western guest, Jay First, also heard the loud bang followed by two more bangs in quick succession, which he later determined to be gunshots. First looked outside his room and observed a man in faded jeans and a jersey sweatshirt run out of the adjacent room, dropping what appeared to be change, as he drove off in a red Corvette. First went to the room, realized a police officer had been shot, and ran to the front desk of the motel to call for help. Two off-duty police officers who had responded to Hulsey's request for assistance arrived shortly afterwards and were directed to Hulsey. Hulsey did not have a pulse, and efforts to resuscitate him were unsuccessful. Hulsey had been shot two times. One shot went through Hulsey's forearm, and the other had gone into his chest, piercing both lungs and his heart. Both shots had been fired at a range of more than five feet away from Hulsey. Hulsey had also been struck in the face several times. One wound to his face appeared to have been made with the end of a writing pen. At approximately 7:40 p.m., John Friend with the Orange County Sheriff's Office encountered the red Corvette driven by Lockhart on U.S. Highway I-10. A chase ensued on the highway and continued through residential areas until Lockhart crashed his car in a traffic circle in Orange, Texas. Lockhart fled on foot and entered an ice cream shop a short time later. Lockhart inquired about a taxi service, but, upon learning there was no taxi service in Orange, offered a young man $50 for a ride back to Beaumont. Lockhart was taken back to Beaumont and let out near a Bennigan's restaurant near highway I-10. At Bennigan's, Lockhart obtained a taxicab ride and asked to be taken to Houston. Lockhart gave the cab driver a $100 bill. Approximately 50 miles outside of Beaumont, police, who had been following the cab for some distance, sounded their sirens, signaling the cab to pull over. Lockhart commented, "Oh, well, I guess I'm going to jail now." Lockhart and the cab driver were ordered out of the car and told to place their hands on the roof of the car. Lockhart exited the car and told the officers, "I'm the one you want. I'm the one you're looking for." Lockhart was arrested and taken to a justice of the peace for arraignment in nearby Chambers County. On the way to be arraigned, Lockhart said, "I'm sorry I killed that guy. I killed him because he f____d up." After being arraigned and while being taken back to Beaumont, Lockhart again commented that Hulsey had "really f____d up," and then elaborated on what had transpired between him and Hulsey: Lockhart saw Hulsey earlier and thought about what to do. He knew Hulsey did not have a backup and that he planned to get his gun and "get the drop on" the officer. Hulsey followed Lockhart into his room, and he must have seen Lockhart's gun, because he ordered Lockhart to put his hands on the wall. Lockhart responded, "Why?" and Hulsey said "you have a gun." Lockhart had continued to argue with Hulsey. Hulsey pulled his gun out, and Lockhart complied with his demand to place his hands on the wall. However, Lockhart placed his hands on the wall next to a mirror enabling him to see Hulsey's actions. When Hulsey walked up behind Lockhart and lowered his gun to put it in his holster, Lockhart turned and hit Hulsey in the face. A fight ensued, and Hulsey's gun discharged. Lockhart, who had managed to obtain his gun in the struggle, shot Hulsey and then, after a brief time, he shot Hulsey again. Hulsey "begged" Lockhart not to shoot anymore. Lockhart grabbed his keys and money and left the room. As he left, Lockhart "knew" Hulsey was dead. The State concluded the presentation of its case at the guilt phase by introducing evidence of Lockhart's attempted escape during the jury selection process of his trial. On August 18, 1988, after his trial had been proceeding for about two weeks, Lockhart was taken to the court room after lunch and uncuffed as usual. Lockhart immediately ran toward the window in the third-floor court room and dove through it. Lockhart was captured shortly afterwards and taken to a local hospital to be treated for his injuries. On October 13, 1987, the body of 16 year old Windy Gallagher was found by her sister in the bedroom of their home in Griffith, Indiana. She was nude from the waist down with her hands tied behind her back, and her bra pushed up above her breasts. She was stabbed with a large knife 4 times in the neck and 17 times in the abdomen. There was a large pool of blood and her intestines were hanging out. Missing from her room was a photo of Windy and a small purse. Fingerprints in the room were identified as Lockhart's. The day before in Chicago, a woman was robbed of her purse at knifepoint. She identified Lockhart as her attacker. She was fortunate to recover her purse 3 days later. Inside it, she found the small purse belonging to Windy Gallagher. Eight months after his Texas conviction, a jury in Indiana sentenced him to death. A judge in Dade City, Fla., gave Lockhart his third death sentence in December 1989 after he pleaded guilty to a similar mutilation slaying of 14-year-old Jennifer Colhouer of Land O'Lakes, Fla. The victim was killed at her home in January 1988. The self-described smooth-talking con man was once a door-to-door salesman and had a knack for getting unsuspecting young girls to allow him into their homes. Colhouer was found by her father in an upstairs bedroom Jan. 10, 1988. She had been abducted after getting off of a school bus and was raped and fatally stabbed. "I am guilty for those three cases and take full responsibility for those cases," Lockhart said. "I wish I could give my life in place of theirs. I have been praying for this since 1988." After witnessing Lockhart's execution, Paul Hulsey, Sr. said, "I don't feel one ounce of revenge. I feel relief. But it will never bring back our son." "I don't have to worry about him getting out," said April Gallagher, whose daughter was killed by Lockhart, and who came from Indiana to see Lockhart die. "Seeing this is to know Michael Lockhart will never be able to do that again." "There's some relief," Thomas Colhouer, who also lost a daughter to Lockhart, said after emerging from the death chamber. "We can go ahead and put back our lives but it will never be the same. For 10 years my family has suffered."


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