Case Summaries For Inmates Executed in Virginia
Between 1996-1999

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Murderer: Walter Correll
Execution Date: January 4, 1996
Jurisdiction: Franklin County

Victim: Charles Bousman

With two accomplices, Correll abducted Bousman from Roanoke, repeatedly kicked him in the face and stabbed him to death in Franklin County.

Murderer: Richard Townes
Execution Date: January 23, 1996
Jurisdiction: City of Virginia Beach

Victim: Virginia Goebel

Townes shot Goebel, a Virginia Beach convenience store clerk, in the head during an April 14, 1985 robbery. He got $186.13 from the cash register. He shot her at point blank range with a .45 caliber weapon to prevent her from possibly identifying him later. Townes had 29 prior felony convictions including a 1976 incident where he held a taxi driver at gunpoint for six hours in a hostage situation before shooting him four times in the back.

Murderer: Joseph Savino
Execution Date: July 17, 1996
Jurisdiction: Bedford County

Victim: Thomas McWaters

Savino beat his 64-year-old male lover McWaters to death with a hammer in Bedford County after having been recently released on parole from custody in New York.

Murderer: Ronald Bennett
Execution Date: November 21, 1996
Jurisdiction: Chesterfield County

Victim: Anne Keller Vaden

Bennett battered, stabbed and strangled Vaden at the apartment complex where he worked in Chesterfield County.

Murderer: Gregory Beaver
Execution Date: December 3, 1996
Jurisdiction: City of Richmond

Victim: Leo Whitt, Trooper, Virginia State Police

Gregory Warren Beaver, 30, escaped from a Maryland prison-type drug treatment facility. He had been placed there after 10 felony convictions. He stole a car and then drove to his stepfather's restaurant, where he assaulted and robbed him. He then proceeded down interstate 95 heading towards Florida, picking up a hitchhiker.

He was pulled over for a routine traffic stop by Virginia state trooper Leo Whitt on April 12,
1985. Beaver shot Whitt twice, once in the neck and then between the eyes. He later bragged to his companion that he got away with killing a police officer.

Murderer: Larry Stout
Execution Date: December 10, 1996
Jurisdiction: Augusta County

Victim: Jacqueline Kooshian

Larry Stout, 33, murdered Jacqueline Kooshian on February 17, 1987 after robbing her of $1,200 at her dry cleaning store in Staunton. She was stabbed five inches deep in her throat. Her jugular vein, trachea, and larynx were severed and she bled to death shortly afterwards.

Murderer: Lem Tuggle
Execution Date: December 12, 1996
Jurisdiction: Smyth County

Victim: Jessie Havens

In 1983 in Smyth County, VA, Jessie Havens, 52, was raped and murdered by Lem Tuggle after he met her at a dance at an American Legion Hall. He had been paroled just four months earlier for the 1971 strangulation of 17-year-old Shirley Brickey.

Tuggle was also one of six death row inmates who grabbed 13 hostages and bluffed their way out of the Mecklenburg Correctional Center in Boydton, Va., with a fake bomb May 31, 1984.

Murderer: Ronald Hoke
Execution Date: December 16, 1996
Jurisdiction: City of Petersburg

Victim: Virginia Stell

Victim Virginia Stell was abducted, raped, robbed and fatally stabbed by Hoke in Petersburg.

Murderer: Michael George
Execution Date: February 6, 1997
Jurisdiction: Prince William County

Victim: Alexander Sztanko

Victim Alexander Sztanko, a boy 15 years of age, was abducted while riding his dirt bike in the woods near his new home in Prince William County. George, who had been recently released from prison after serving crime for a similar 1982 murder, proceeded to sexually assault his victim, shocking him in the genital area with a stun gun and finally shooting him in the head.

Murderer: Coleman Gray
Execution Date: February 26, 1997
Jurisdiction: City of Suffolk

Victim: Richard McClelland

Gray fatally shot McClelland, a Suffolk area grocery store manager after abducting him at gunpoint, going to his store and stealing $12,000.

Murderer: Roy Bruce Smith
Execution Date: July 17, 1997
Jurisdiction: Prince William County

Victim: Sgt. John Conner , Manassas Police Dept.

Smith murdered the Manassas police officer with shots from an assault rifle and handgun during standoff at his home on July 24, 1988.

Murderer: Joseph O'Dell
Execution Date: July 23, 1997
Jurisdiction: City of Virginia Beach

Victim: Helen Schartner

On February 5, 1985, Schartner was raped and bludgeoned to death by O'Dell outside night club in Virginia Beach. Her body was then dumped in a vacant lot. Ten years previously, a Florida woman had narrowly escaped meeting a similar fate at the hands of O'Dell. She testified for the prosecution at the Schartner trial in Virginia that O'Dell had trapped her in the back of a car and said, 'do you know what necrophilia is? I'm going to have sex with you whether you're alive or dead'.

Although O'Dell managed to get considerable attention and support from some citizens of Italy who believed him to be wrongfully convicted, the evidence presented at trial indicated conclusively that O'Dell was responsible for Schartner's murder. The victim's blood type was found on the seat of O'Dell's car. Tire tread marks that were unique to O'Dell's vehicle were found at the scene where the body was dumped, seminal fluids and pubic hairs found in and on the victim's body matched that of O'Dell.

O'Dell had a criminal record with 17 felony convictions stretching back to 1958.

Murderer: Carlton Pope
Execution Date: August 19, 1997
Jurisdiction: City of Portsmouth

Victim: Cynthia Gray

The victim was from Portsmouth. She was shot in the head by the defendant, along with her sister during a 1986 robbery. The sister survived to testify against Pope at his capital murder trial.

Murderer: Mario Murphy
Execution Date: September 17, 1997
Jurisdiction: City of Virginia Beach

Victim: James Radcliff

Mexican hit man Mario Benjamin Murphy, 25, confessed to carrying out a contract murder on James Radcliff at the behest of Radcliff's wife and her boyfriend. They were hoping to collect on a $100,000 insurance policy.

Murphy was to be paid $5,000 for the hit, which he carried out in Virginia Beach in 1991, using a steel pipe to bash in the head of James Radcliff. Murphy also recruited other people for the assignment. In all six people were were implicated in the plot and all the others aside from Murphy are serving life sentences.

Murderer: Dawud Mu'min
Execution Date: November 17, 1997
Jurisdiction: Fairfax County

Victim: Gladys Nopwasky

In 1988 Mu'min was serving a 48 year prison sentence for a 1973 murder conviction. He was incarcerated at the Haymarket Correctional Unit and was assigned to a work crew detail with the Virginia Department of Transportation. During his lunch break, Mu'Min broke from the group and escaped over a perimeter fence. He proceeded to the Ashdale Plaza shopping center with a railroad spike that he had acquired and sharpened at the work site.

There he encountered Gladys Nopwasky in the carpet and flooring store which she owned in Ashdale Plaza. Mu'Min knocked her to the floor, beat and stabbed her to death with the railroad spike, then stole $4 from the cash register.

Murderer: Michael Satcher
Execution Date: December 9, 1997
Jurisdiction: Arlington County

Satcher raped, robbed and killed Borghesani on Arlington area bike path as she was walking towards the Rosslyn Metro station to attend a party in the early evening of March 31, 1990. She was badly beaten and stabbed 21 times. Her body was found in a stairwell of the parking garage at the Air Force Association building nearby the following day. Satcher was arrested several months later after trying to attack other women along the trails in the same area.

Murderer: Thomas Beavers
Execution Date: December 11, 1997
Jurisdiction: Hampton City

Victim: Marguerite Lowery

On May 1st, 1990, Beavers raped, then killed his 61-year-old Hampton neighbor by holding a pillow over her face during a robbery of her home. He was not arrested until a year after this murder, during which time he raped two other neighborhood women in seperate incidents.

Murderer: Tony Mackall
Execution Date: February 10, 1998
Jurisdiction: Prince William County

Victim: Mary Elizabeth Dahn

On December 9, 1986, Tony Mackall shot Dahn who was working the cashier booth at the Riverview Shell she owned along Route 123 in Prince William County. Dahn was shot in front of her 5 year old daughter, who was left unharmed. Mackall then fled the scene and went to a nearby apartment complex looking to steal a car to escape the area. He spotted Washington Times sports reporter Michael Keating exiting his car in front of a townhouse and shot him twice as he begged for mercy. Miraculously Keating survived his wounds, playing dead as Mackall left to steal the car. Mackall was on furlough from the DC Dept. of Corrections at the time.

Murderer: Douglas Buchanan Jr.
Execution Date: March 18, 1998
Jurisdiction: Amherst County

Douglas Buchanan Sr.
Donald Patterson
Joel Jerry Patterson 
Geraldine Patterson Buchanan

Douglas Buchanan Jr. stabbed and shot to death four members of his family in Amherst County. He committed the crimes due to feeling ostracized after his mother passed away from cancer and his father then married Geraldine Buchanan. Her sons, Donald and Joel Jerry, aged 10 and 13, also lived in the house and were victims of the September, 1987 rampage.

Murderer: Ronald Watkins
Execution Date: March 25, 1998
Jurisdiction: Danville City

Victims: William McCauley

Watkins, whose brother Johnny was executed for a seperate crime in 1994, was put to death for murdering William McCauley, the owner of a small packaging and shipping store in Danville, Va., on May 26, 1988. Watkins killed Mr. McCauley after robbing him because Mr. McCauley could identify him.''

McCauley was found face down on the floor of his store by his father. The victim's throat had been cut three times, and he had been stabbed a number of times in the back.

Watkins was placed earlier at the scene by a witness. On an audio tape recorded from a police wire on his girlfriend, he admitted he had killed McCauley because the store owner knew him and could identify him as the robber.

Murderer: Angel Breard
Execution Date: April 14, 1998
Jurisdiction: Arlington County

Victim: Ruth Dickie

Angel Francisco Breard, 32, was executed for the murder and attempted rape of Ruth Dickie, 39, of Arlington County in 1992. Breard confessed on the witness stand to his crime, admitting he stabbed Dickie five times. He claimed a "satanic curse" compelled him to kill her.

Murderer: Dennis Eaton
Execution Date: June 18, 1998
Jurisdiction: Rockbridge County

Victim: Jerry Hines - Trooper, Virginia State Police

Eaton murdered this Virginia state trooper who pulled him over along Interstate 81 southbound at the Maury River Bridge near Lexington as well as three others in a spree on February 20, 1989.

Murderer: Danny King
Execution Date: July 23, 1998
Jurisdiction: Roanoke County

Victim: Carolyn Rogers

On Oct. 11, 1990, King and his former wife, Becky Smith, posed as potential home buyers to lure Ms. Rogers to a vacant Roanoke County home.

According to court records, Ms. Smith said she went out for a smoke while Ms. Rogers and King toured the house. She went back inside, she said, and saw King standing over the 55-year-old woman's battered and bloodied body with a knife in his hand.

Fearful of King and following his orders, Ms. Smith said, she later pawned Ms. Rogers' wedding ring and forged some checks stolen from her purse. Because police traced those items to her, Ms. Smith was 1st charged with the killing. But during her trial, King confessed to the slaying in a statement to Ms. Smith's lawyer.

Murderer: Lance Chandler
Execution Date: August 20, 1998
Jurisdiction: Halifax County

Victim: William Dix

Lance Chandler, 25, who had previously accumulated a criminal record that included disorderly conduct, robbery, use of a firearm, breaking and entering, drunkenness, assault on a police officer, was executed for the robbery and murder of William Dix, 33, in 1993.

Chandler robbed Dix of cash at the convenience store where he worked in Halifax County. Meanwhile, two partners took beer in the back of the store. Chandler stuck the gun in Dix face and pulled the trigger while yelling, "Boom." The gun did not go off so Chandler pulled the trigger again, which discharged the weapon. Court testimony indicated Chandler bragged he wanted to know how it would feel to kill someone. He also indicated he would wear the spent cartridge around his neck as a trophy.

Murderer: Johnile DuBois
Execution Date: August 31, 1998
Jurisdiction: Portsmouth

Victim: Philip Council

DuBois and three teen-age accomplices robbed the In-A-Hurry store in Portsmouth on November 20, 1991. Store employee Philip C. Council, 39, who suffered from mental disabilities because of a car accident, was beaten by the robbers when he did not open a cash register quickly enough. DuBois, the only robber who was armed, then fatally shot Council in the chest.

Murderer: Kenneth Stewart Jr.
Execution Date: September 23, 1998
Jurisdiction: Bedford County

On May 12, 1991, Kenneth Stewart Jr. shot his estranged wife and 5-month-old son twice in the head with a .25 caliber pistol at their Huddleston home in Bedford County. He then placed the dead baby in his dead mother's arms. Their bodies were found later that day by Cynthia Stewart's mother.

Murderer: Dwayne Wright
Execution Date: October 14, 1998
Jurisdiction: Arlington County

Victim: Saba Tekle

Wright spotted Tekle on a road near her home in Annandale on October 13, 1989 and followed her home with the intent of raping Tekle, a mother of three children. Tekle was forced to undress at gunpoint and then fled from Wright towards her apartment door. She was fatally shot in the back with a .38 caliber bullet fired by Wright. Around that same time period, 17 year old Wright also killed a Prince George's County, Maryland man in a seperate incident. He was sentenced to two life terms for the Maryland homicide and was sentenced to death for the murder of Tekle.

Murderer: Ronald Fitzgerald
Execution Date: October 21, 1998
Jurisdiction: Pittsylvania County

Coy White
Hugh Morrison

In January, 1993 Fitzgerald went on a violent crime spree in which he killed an acquaintance, Coy White and a taxi driver, Hugh Morrison. He also robbed both men. He also broke into White's house and kidnapped a thirteen year old girl and raped her. He also raped another woman, 18, in a motel room while her two children were nearby. He then hitched a ride to the courthouse in Chatham to turn himself in to authorities, unsuccessfully trying to commit suicide with his pistol in front of the building.

Murderer: Kenneth Wilson
Execution Date: November 17, 1998
Jurisdiction: City of Newport News

Armed with a knife, Wilson entered the home of his neighbor, Jacqueline M. Stephens, early on the morning of March 27, 1993. Wilson knew Ms. Stephens because his cousin was her boyfriend.

Wilson ordered Ms. Stephens, 31, her 12-year-old daughter and the daughter's 14-year-old friend to disrobe. He blindfolded the girls and tied them to a bed in the daughter's room.

Over several hours Wilson threatened the girls and Ms. Stephens. On one visit to the girls' room he cut each of them. He then went into Ms. Stephens' room, and the girls heard her scream as Wilson demanded her car keys.

A neighbor who heard the commotion called police when he saw Wilson drive off in Ms. Stephens' car. Police found Ms. Stephens tied to the bed posts, her body covered with blood. She had been stabbed more than 10 times. The friend had a stab wound on her neck while the daughter was stabbed close to the carotid artery and jugular vein. Her vocal cord nerve was severed.

Murderer: Kevin Cardwell
Execution Date: December 3, 1998
Jurisdiction: City of Richmond

Victim: Anthony Brown

Cardwell was convicted in the 1991 murder, robbery and abduction of 15 year old illegal drug courier Anthony Brown of Hempstead, New York. Cardwell and several friends learned that Brown was arriving at a Richmond bus station with drugs. They met him and took his luggage.

When they discovered no drugs in the bags, a friend of Cardwell's lured Brown to Cardwell's apartment, where they found cocaine taped to Brown's leg. The men then took Brown into the woods, where Cardwell killed him.

Murderer: Mark Sheppard -
Execution Date: January 20, 1999
Jurisdiction: Chesterfield County

Mark Arlo Sheppard, 27, was convicted along with an accomplice of the gangland-style murders of Richard and Rebecca Rosenbluth, both found shot in the head at close range in their home in the Richmond, Virginia suburbs just after Thanksgiving 1993.

According to prosecutors, Sheppard and another drug dealer, Andre Graham, shot the Rosenbluth couple in late November 1993 after they apparently could not pay for a cocaine deal.

Murderer: Tony Fry
Execution Date: February 4, 1999
Jurisdiction: Chesterfield County

Victim: Leland Jacobs

On February 21, 1994 Tony Fry and his accomplice, 17-year-old Bradford Hinson, used a .22 caliber weapon to shoot and kill Leland Jacobs, a Chesterfield County 42-year-old car salesman. Fry had lured Jacobs from his Ford dealership under the ruse that Fry's grandmother wanted to buy a 1994 Ford Explorer.

Leland Jacobs was robbed, shot eleven times, tied to the rear bumper of the Explorer with his necktie and dragged down a dirt road 777 feet into the woods while still alive. About 15 minutes after the murder, a police officer who had a warrant for Fry's arrest for another crime had a tip that Fry frequented the area where Jacobs was killed and came upon Fry and Hinson as they were leaving the scene of the murder. Fry confessed when he was arrested.

Murderer: George Quesinberry
Execution Date: March 9, 1999
Jurisdiction: Chesterfield County

Victim: Thomas Haynes

Quesinberry and a friend decided to burglarize the Tri-City Electrical Supply Company warehouse in Chesterfield County on September 24, 1989. During the middle of the burglary, their actions were discovered by Thomas Haynes, who was a night watchman at the complex. Victim was chased through the building and shot him twice in the back and had his skull fractured with a hard blow to the head by Quesinberry.

Murderer: David Lee Fisher
Execution Date: March 25, 1999
Jurisdiction: Bedford County

Victim: David Wilkey

Fisher hired a man to kill the teenage victim Wilkey during a 1983 hunting trip as part of an insurance scam. The gunman in the case testified that after the shooting, Fisher put his hand into the wound to make the young man's heart stop. The gunman was sentenced to life in prison.

Murderer: Carl Chichester
Execution Date: April 13, 1999
Jurisdiction: Prince William County.

Timothy Rigney was managing a Manassas pizza shop, when two armed, masked men entered the store late at night on August 16, 1991 and demanded cash.

Both pointed their semiautomatic guns at the Little Caesars employee and told him to open the second register. Rigney tried to open the drawer, but when he couldn't, witnesses say the man on the other side of the counter, the taller man, shot Rigney in the chest, killing the teen with a single bullet.

The 2 masked men fled the restaurant on foot with $100 in cash. Months later, the gunman was identified as 28-year-old Carl Hamilton Chichester, a Washington, D.C., resident who had been staying at the Red Roof Inn in Manassas. In 1992, Chichester was charged with capital murder, and in 1993, convicted by a Prince William County jury and sentenced to death.

Murderer: Arthur Jenkins
Execution Date: April 20, 1999
Jurisdiction: Washington County

Floyd Jenkins
Lee Brinklow

Jenkins, 29, was convicted of capital murder in the Oct. 12, 1990, slayings of his uncle, Floyd Jenkins, 72, and Lee H. Brinklow, 69. According to a court summary of the case, Arthur Jenkins and a younger brother,Kevin Frame, had been drinking when they went to a house shared by Jenkins' uncle and Brinklow.

An argument ensued, and the younger Jenkins took a .22-caliber rifle from a bedroom and shot his uncle and Brinklow, then repeatedly stabbed the uncle. Jenkins then broke into his aunt's bedroom and stole money and other items.

Murderer: Eric Payne
Execution Date: April 28, 1999
Jurisdiction: Hanover County

Sally Fazio
Ruth Parham

Payne, 26, killed Ruth Parham, 61, and Sally Fazio, 57, in June 1997, about five months after he finished serving a six-year prison term for possession of LSD. He also attacked Ridley Fleck and her 8-year-old son, Dean. Both suffered extensive head wounds, but survived. Payne used a hammer to commit all crimes during his six day spree across Hanover County.

Murderer: Ronald Yeatts
Execution Date: April 29, 1999
Jurisdiction: Pittsylvania County

Victim: Ruby Dodson

Yeatts had previously done contracting work in the home of the victim. He decided to rob it with an accomplice on September 23, 1989.

After gaining entry to Dodson's Pittsylvania County home on the pretense of having experienced problems with his automobile, Yeatts stabbed Dodson and slit her throat while the accomplice searched her bedroom for money. Finding none, the accomplice stole Dodson's pocketbook and fled with Yeatts.

Dodson's body was discovered on the floor of her kitchen later that evening.

Murderer: Thomas Strickler
Execution Date: July 21, 1999
Jurisdiction: Augusta County

Victim: Leann Whitlock

On January 5, 1989, Strickler and an accomplice abducted JMU student Whitlock from the Harrisonburg Wal-Mart parking lot. Whitlock was beaten to death with a 69 pound rock. Her body was found in Augusta County eight days after she had been abducted.

Murderer: Marlon Williams
Execution Date: August 17, 1999
Jurisdiction: City of Chesapeake

Victim: Helen Bedsole

Marlon DeWayne Williams, 26, killed Helen Bedsole in a murder-for-hire arranged by her estranged husband. Williams was paid $4,000 for the hit, which occurred in Chesapeake on November 9, 1993. Her estranged husband, Clark Bedsole, was sentenced to life imprisonment for his part in the crime.

Murderer: Everett Mueller
Execution Date: September 16, 1999
Jurisdiction: Chesterfield County

Charity Powers

Mueller abducted, raped and killed Powers, a 10-year-old girl in Chesterfield County on October 5, 1990. Powers was dropped off at a skating rink on the evening of October 4th by her mother, with the understanding that a family friend would be picking her up later that evening. Unfortunately, the friend fell asleep and did not show up at the scheduled time to get the young girl. She was sitting on a curb outside the closed rink at about 12:50 am the following morning by a witness who knew her from elsewhere. The witness also saw a man he was able to identify as Everett Mueller standing next to her in front of a Hardees restaurant.

Mueller had gained the attention of police for having cruised the Hardees parking lot numerous times in his wood-sided station wagon. Unkempt in his appearance, the 30 year old man later admitted to police that he had approached Charity Powers believing her to be aged 18 or 19 and soliciting for sexual activity. He later admitted to taking Powers away from the scene to a location near his house where he raped her. Police found her body approximately 900 feet from his house as well as a knife believed to be the murder weapon.

Murderer: Jason Joseph
Execution Date: October 16, 1999
Jurisdiction: City of Portsmouth

Joseph was convicted of the October 26, 1992 robbery and murder of Jeffrey Anderson, 22, who worked at a Subway restaurant in Portsmouth. An accomplice gave Joseph his 45-caliber pistol. The two men then entered the sub shop and Joseph ordered a sandwich.

After the sandwich was made, Joseph took the gun out of his pocket and ordered Anderson to open the cash register and give him the money. Anderson complied and Joseph ordered him to get down on the floor behind the counter. Joseph reached over the counter and shot Anderson in the back. Prosecutors told jurors at a sentencing hearing that Joseph had committed other crimes, including the armed robbery and abduction of 2 convenience store clerks.

Murderer: Thomas Royal, Jr.
Execution Date: November 9, 1999
Jurisdiction: Hampton City

Victim: Kenny Wallace, Officer, Hampton City Police Dept.

Thomas Lee Royal was sentenced to death for the February 21, 1994 capital murder of police officer Kenneth Wallace. Kenneth was killed as part of a "hit list" of law enforcement officials.

Wallace was shot twice in the head while patrolling the Wythe area of Hampton on Feb. 21, 1994. The prosecutor on the alleged hit list had spent the previous 2 1/2 years working with a joint federal-state drug-prosecution task force serving several Virginia cities. She was pursuing state drug trafficking charges against Sammie Lee Royal, 22, the brother of Thomas Lee Royal.

When Royal discovered Wallace in the patrol car instead of the officer he intended to kill, he shot Wallace. Royal and another man not involved in the Wallace shooting were also charged with a 1991 murder in Hampton.

Murderer: Andre Graham
Execution Date: December 9, 1999
Jurisdiction: City of Richmond

Victim: Sheryl Stack

Graham was sentenced to die for the shotgun murder of Sheryl L. Stack, 20 on October 8, 1993. Sheryl was a waitress at a Steak & Ale and was shot in the parking lot for her car. She died two days later.

Graham also shot a 23-year-old man, who survived his injuries but lost an eye and most of the use of one arm and leg and suffers from brain damage. Graham was convicted of a maiming charge in this case. He was coconspirators with Mark Sheppard in this case as well as the murders of Richard and Rebecca Rosenbluth, a crime for which Sheppard was executed while Graham was sentenced to life plus 23 years.

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