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Updated on: January 22, 2023

About Arizona Department of Corrections

The Arizona Department of Corrections is another department that makes up the state government here. As of 2020, the Arizona Department of Corrections owns and operates 10 correctional facilities.

Near the end of 2015, there was a report that stated in all 10 facilities there was a combined total of 42,000 inmates. In this report it was also stated that they also released another 5,500 inmates whether they’ve finished their sentence, or they were put on probation or parole. 

Within the Arizona Department of Corrections, they opt in to use the famous COTA software, which helps the department determine and prepare which facilities get which inmates. You can find the headquarters for the DOC in the ever-popular Phoenix area. 

You should note that all men death row offenders will be sitting in the Brown Unit, which is a part of the Arizona Jail Complex. While the female death row offenders are in that same Jail Complex, but they are in the Lumley Unit. 

However, all executions (men and women) are done in the Focal Unit of that same complex.

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