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The Twisted Mind of Phillip D. Hallford

Hate your daughters’ boyfriend? You will not want to do what one father did. It landed him on death row. Find out more here. We have seen stories in the news recently about fathers killing the guys who their daughters are with, but did you know you can get the death penalty for that? Yes! You read that right; you could be sentenced to death depending on the circumstances. 

This is what happened to Phillip D. Hallford for the murder of Charles Eddie Shannon, 16. 

Today, we are going to dive into the crime and the details of how and why Phillip D. Hallford received the death penalty in this case. 

The Crime

In the case of the death and robbery of Charles Eddie Shannon, 16, Phillip D. Hallford was given the death penalty. Charles Eddie Shannon was the boyfriend of Melinda Hallford, Phillip’s daughter. 

This all started in the early morning hours of April 13, 1986. Mr. Hallford forced Melinda to lure Charles Eddie Shannon, her boyfriend to this secluded bridge. This is where Mr. Hallford will then shoot Shannon a single time on the roof of his mouth. 

While Shannon was still very much alive, Mr. Hallford dragged Shannon to the side of the bridge, where he would ultimately shoot him another two times, in the forehead and in front of the left ear.  Mr. Hallford then through Shannon over the bridge and into the water below. 

After the shooting, Mr. Hallford decided he needed to return to the crime scene, so he can get rid of the blood that he had left on the bridge. Then the day after that Mr. Hallford decided he needed to burn Shannon’s wallet along with its contents. 

All these things unfolded right in front of Melinda, Shannon’s girlfriend. Melinda would soon be the star witness for the prosecutor team.

When Mr. Hallford was burning Shannon’s wallet, he made the comment that Shannon was a cheapskate because he didn’t have any money in his wallet. However, during the trial, Mr. Hallford stated that he had given Shannon money earlier that afternoon. 

Sadly, Shannon’s decomposed body was found in the water two weeks after the crime took place. Mr. Hallford maintained his innocence during his trial that he did not kill Shannon and that he was not even at the bridge during the time the shooting would have happened. 

When Melinda took the stand, she stated that it was all her dad’s idea to have her lure her boyfriend to the bridge, so he can kill him. Melinda was able to give the courtroom the graphic details of what happened on that very bridge. Melina also stated that she was the only witness to be able to tell the jury that the wallet her father burned was indeed Shannon’s wallet. 

Melinda further stated that she had a sexual relationship with her father, Mr. Hallford. She stated that this sexual relationship began when she was around seven or eight years of age. 

Melinda recounted her sexual relationship with her rather when Mr. Hallford engaged with incestuous relationship, but when she became romantically involved with her boyfriend Charles Eddie Shannon, her father became super jealous. 

Along with Melinda on the witness stand, there was also Mr. Hallford’s stepson, Sammy that was called. Sammy was able to match Melinda’s testimony by providing the court with the pertinent details that tied Mr. Hallford to Shannon’s murder along with his robbery. 

Both Melinda and Sammy were able to testify that they witness Mr. Hallford attack Shannon with a pistol. Sammy also testified that he was forced to help Mr. Hallford to destroy the evidence, so that it would not be linked back to him. 

Sammy went as far as to state that on the morning after the crime was committed that Mr. Hallford had him go to the crime scene to clean up the blood from the bridge and to make sure that no one could see Shannon’s dead body. 

Then Mr. Hallford told Sammy that he needed to build a fire in the drum outside of their trailer. Also, Sammy stated that when the fire was lit, Mr. Hallford brought out Shannon’s wallet and put it in the fire to burn its content. 

Sammy then stated that he was there when Mr. Hallford was burning the contacts and that Hallford even was burning a white and orange military identification card. Sammy stated that he was unable to read the name on the military card, and Mr. Hallford’s thumb was covering the photo on the card as well. 

Sammy stated that Melinda was also there to witness Mr. Hallford burning Shannon’s wallet. 

Shannon’s stepbrother, David also testified in court. David stated that Shannon carried his wallet with him everywhere and in his wallet, he had an identification card. 

Even Olen Johns, Shannon’s father was able to corroborate the same story as David that Shannon carried his wallet everywhere and inside his wallet was his military identification card. Johns even stated that he was never able to find Shannon’s wallet after he was murdered. 

This testimony along with Melinda’s testimony really sealed the deal about Mr. Hallford burning Shannon’s wallet the day after he murdered him. 

This evidence and testimony were the most incriminating circumstantial evidence of the case. Because when Shannon’s body was discovered his wallet was never recovered with it. Which ultimately makes sense since all witnesses were able to corroborate the same story that Shannon keeps his wallet with him and has a military identification card and the children of Mr. Hallford saw him burn the wallet and the contents of the wallet that contain some sort of military identification card. 

The Execution

Thursday, November 4, 2010, there was absolute quiet in the execution chamber as everyone was getting ready to watch Phillip Hallford take his final breath. 

The family of Charles Eddie Shannon stated that this was a long-overdue justice that Hallford was finally going to leave this Earth. 

Holman Correctional Facility was where Hallford who was 63 years old at the time took his last breath. He died by lethal injection at 6 pm. 

Hallford was sitting on death row for over 2 decades. To be exact, Hallford was on death row for 23 years for the murder of Charles Eddie Shannon, who was his daughter Melinda’s boyfriend at the time. 

When Hallford was giving his opportunity to say any last words to his family, the victim’s family, or anyone else who came to the Holman Correctional Facility to watch him die, the only word he said was no. 

However, Hallford was able to talk with the Chaplain at the Holman Correctional Facility, Chris Summers alongside a correctional officer just before he was set to be executed. 

The State Department of Corrections spokesperson, Brian Corbett, stated that Hallford was officially pronounced dead at 6:26 pm. 

Shannon’s Brother David Ferguson and Shannon’s stepmother, Angelina Johns were in attendance for the Hallford execution. Johns wrote in a statement that Hallford’s execution was her long overdue justice. She also went on to write how they were glad that justice has finally been served and that they can officially close this chapter of their lives. 

Johns also wrote that Shannon did not choose to die at such a young age. That he did not even deserve the cards he was dealt with. That Mr. Hallford had no business taking Shannon’s life in the way that they did. 

During Hallford’s execution, there were about a dozen people in attendance. They had Hallford’s lawyer, a few prison officials, the Shannon family, two members of the media, and a few correctional officers. 

However, Melinda, Phillip Hallford’s daughter did not attend her dad’s execution.