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Scorned Ex Turns Murderer: James Filiaggi Case

When you are a scorned ex, you may think murder is the answer. Here’s why you will not want to follow James’ path. Find out how he got death row. Lisa Huff and James J Filiaggi officially married one another in December of 1991. Lisa only then filed for divorce nine short months later. The divorce was finally officialized in February of 1993.

Just a few months after their divorce, Lisa was engaged to another man. At the time her and her fiancé would be victims of vandalism and telephone harassment. Lisa’s ex James J. Filiaggi would ultimately be charged with felony assault when Lisa’s current fiancé and their two children were exchanged during scheduled visitation. 

Filiaggi would also later be charged with Vandalism and Intimidation to Lisa’s home as well. 

Just two days after being charged, Filiaggi would buy a 9mm Luger pistol, and took out a $1000 cash advance on his credit card. Filiaggi would give his then-girlfriend, Tracey about six to seven hundred dollars from said cash advance. 

Around 10:45 that evening, the Lorain Police Department dispatcher would receive a frantic call from Lisa saying that her ex-husband Filiaggi was at her back door and about to break into her home. 

Filiaggi would soon break down Lisa’s back door and enter her home. Lisa would then flee her house as she was carrying the telephone. Lisa would run over into one of her neighbor’s homes.

However, that did not stop Filiaggi from breaking down her neighbor’s door as well. When Filiaggi broke down her neighbor’s door, he found Lisa hiding in one of the neighbor’s closets. He told Lisa that this will teach you a lesson not to screw with me and then shot her twice thereafter. Lisa was wounded, but able to run in the bedroom, where she was again shot two more times, which resulted in her death. 

Filiaggi would flee the scene of the crime only to land at Lisa’s stepfather’s home and try to shoot him dead as well. 

Final/Special Meal

James J. Filiaggi’s final meal was simple. Filiaggi would request the following: 

  • Steak
  • Baked Potato
  • Potato and cheese perogies
  • Dinner Rolls
  • Strawberry cheesecake
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Glass of milk

Final Words

When prison officials asked James J. Filiaggi if he had some final words to say before they execute him, he had a lot to say.

Filiaggi’s final words are, and I quote: 

“I know I flipped some worlds upside down. For me, it’s fine, but the state needs to learn this isn’t the answer. This is no deterrent to crime. Some are falsely convicted, railroaded. The state needs to wake up. Maybe they will follow the Europeans. God is the only one who knows.”

James Filiaggi Sentenced to Death

James J. Filiaggi was ultimately given the death sentence in the case of murdering his ex-wife, Lisa Filiaggi back on January 24, 1994. 

He was to be executed by using the electric chair thanks to the decision of a three-judge panel who found him guilty of the crime at hand. Filiaggi would be wide-eyed when Edward M. Zaleski, a trial judge read off the three-judge panel’s verdict while all of Filiaggi’s family behind him would hang on to one another weeping at the news. 

Filiaggi was 30 at the time of the verdict. 

When Lisa Filiaggi’s mother, Jane Yepko heard the verdict, she hugged her husband, Delbert, so tightly that his face started to turn red like he had a third-degree sunburn. 

Then James’s dad, James shouted at Lisa’s mother stating that she is putting the children through more harm once again. He was referring to the fact that his granddaughters not only lost their mother, but they also lost Anissa Huff, their custodial aunt in a short few months. 

The Filiaggi family was able to leave the courtroom using a fire escape, but they were still trailed by a few media reporters and photographers wanting interviews and to ask questions about the case.