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What Would You do for Cult Leader, Michael Ryan?

You hear about cults day in and day out. Here’s a prime example of why you should never get caught up in them. Read more about Michael Ryan’s story.Michael Wayne Ryan was born on August 3, 1948. Ryan was commonly known in his later years as a murderer alongside being an American white supremacist. 

Michael Ryan Cult Group and Their Doings

Michael Ryan was a leader of a small, yet powerful anti-government group that was situated in and around Rulo, Nebraska. This group was heavily prominent during the early 1980s. 

The group and Ryan had ties to the Posse Comitatus. 

The Posse Comitatus is a group who was brought together by the local sheriff to help keep the peace and enforce the opposed legal precept. However, this can be illegal when it comes down to arming these civilians to help uphold the domestic laws of that city, town, or county as well. 

The group and Ryan e4ven had ties to the Christian Identity movement as well. In short, the Christian Identity movement was a racist, white supremacist way of looking at the Christianity religion. 

In this group, Ryan would teach its followers that the white race was the supreme race along with the inherent evil of the Jews, and to distrust all authorities especially including the government. 

Ryan’s followers and himself would end up burglarizing cities and towns in the night for months at a time. They would resell all the items they have collected from their robberies. The money they would receive from selling these items would help support the group and their activities. They would be able to do various activities, upgrade their weapons, and gather any and all the supplies they would need for the battle that they would soon dub Armageddon. 

Armageddon received its name because they would assume that this battle would arise in what they hoped would be a race war. This was the main goal of the group was to be heavily prepared for Armageddon, so they can show ALL other races that they would come out on top. 

In 1982, Ryan would be arrested. Ryan was arrested after criminal investigations along with multiple reports stated that he was the perpetrator in the killing and abuse of Luke Stice, 5. The reports would further showcase that Ryan would also be the one who killed one of his members James Thimm, only after he spent the better part of a few days torturing him. 

In order to figure out whether the victims deserved to be tortured, Ryan made up “the arm test”. The arm test would be used with every victim. Ryan as the cult leader would be the one who would administer such test. 

Even within the cult, Ryan had full control over all the followers to determine what their fate would be as well. 

However, on September 12, 1985, Ryan was officially convicted, and he received the death penalty. Ryan would later state that while he was in jail he was in constant contact with God and he spent many of his days rewriting the Bible. However, Ryan later in life would recant these statements as if they never happened in his life. 

Rulo, Nebraska Cult Kill

In August of 1985, just outside of Rulo, Nebraska there were two bodies discovered just on an 80-acre farm, which was heavily involved with the Christian Identity movement or also known as white supremacist. 

One victim was Luke Stice, 5 and the other victim was James Thimm, 26. Along with these two victims, you can clearly see there were signs of torture, prior to them being murdered. Unfortunately, these victims were subjected to brutality that no one should have ever been subjected to thanks to a man who wanted to assert his dominance. 

Michael Wayne Ryan, who was a high school dropout, but became a trucker was charged with these crimes listed above. The local police officers would soon learn that Ryan loved to act as if he was a prophet. Ryan would go as far as proclaiming the end of times. 

Police would later find out that Ryan had a decent-sized following. Ryan’s following main goal was to seek “paramilitary salvation”, which made Ryan’s cult very familiar to all sorts of violence. 

Among Ryan’s cult followers was Rick Stice, who was Luke Stice’s father. Rick Stice was the one who would manage the farm where they stayed. Rick became attracted to Ryan because of Ryan’s ideas. Currently, Rick and his wife were struggling with some financial issues. Ultimately Rick’s wife, Sondra would later die from cancer. 

This is when Rick would open his farm to allow Ryan’s other cult following to stay there as well. Ultimately, this choice in Rick’s life would lead him to be the main sore spot in Ryan’s jealousy. This is when Ryan would ultimately demote Rick to slave status. 

Approximately 21 followers of Ryan’s would make these various buildings on the farm, their home. A large percentage of Ryan’s followers were children of the parents who were in the cult. 

This is where they would stockpile vitamins and weapons, which was heavily urged by Ryan. Ryan would call them some of the truest Israelites and ensure they would come out top in the Armageddon war that is set to take place right here in Nebraska. 

While James Thimm was one of Ryan’s avid followers, he’d come to the farmland with a fellow friend, David Andreas, 30.  When Ryan found this out, this made him very angry with Thimm and then demoted him to a lesser status as well. Which just resulted in Thimm having to follow orders from his superiors. 

To really get under Rick’s skin, Ryan started becoming highly abusive to Luke, Rick’s son. Ryan would then pen “666” in red on Luke’s forehead and would tell everyone he was not a child of God, but a child of Satan. 

Rick would then obey, beating and whipping Luke has often and has hard as Ryan said to. After a short while, Rick would leave his farm for a short while. Upon Rick’s return to the farm, he would be chained to the porch. Ryan then ordered Rick to sexually abuse his son, Luke. Rick would comply with this order. 

Ryan then would order Rick to sodomize Thimm, and Rick would comply with this order as well. 

Even after all this torment to Rick, Ryan was not quite satisfied. Then one day, Ryan would hit Luke so hard, in which Luke would die from his broken neck. Ryan then ordered Rick to dig his son’s grave. In middle of digging his son’s grave, Rick would flee the farm, where he left two of his other children. 

However, unfortunately, Thimm did not get away like Rick did. Thimm ended up enduring more abuse. Thimm was then ultimately shot in the face, along with being tortured for a few more days before he officially died.

It was also found out that Thimm was chained inside the hog shed along with being forced to have sexual relations with a goat, even after he was shot in the face. 

At Ryan’s command, a few other followers would then take the handle of the shovel and rape Thimm repeatedly before Ryan would finish him off by kicking and whipping him where he ultimately would break Thimm’s arm. 

Before Thimm would die, both of his legs would be breaking and most of his skin was stripped away from his body. Ryan would then crush Thimm’s chest when he would stomp on him, which was the ultimate reason why Thimm died. Even though Thimm was already dead, Ryan ordered another follower to shoot Thimm in the head just one last time before they dragged him to the unmarked grave. 

It was not until June 25, 1985, when police finally surrounded the farm. When police came onto the farm, they would find an abundance of illegal weapons along with ammunition and stolen goods. 

All the cult members on the farm would then be arrested as well as Ryan. 

It took the police a few months to finally do this raid. They could do this raid thanks to Stice who acted as an FBI informant. 

All the bodies on the farm were exhumed and Ryan would ultimately be put in handcuffs. 

When Stice was brought onto the witness stand, he was asked why he partaked in these activities such as abusing his own flesh and blood. Stice stated that he was afraid the same thing that was happening to his son would be done to him. 

Ryan then received a guilty verdict of second-degree murder of Luke and first-degree murder of Thimm. He was sentenced to death. 

Michael Ryan’s Death

Michael Ryan, who was commonly referred to as a cult killer died from natural causes on May 24, 2015, at the age of 66. 

Ryan would be pronounced dead at the Tecumseh State Correctional Institution at 7:45 pm. Ryan was in the Tecumseh State Correctional Institution since the facility opened back in 2001 when all the death row inmates were moved to this new facility from the Nebraska State Penitentiary.