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Updated on: January 19, 2023

About Idaho Department of Correction

Did you know there is an agency that is responsible for anything that has to do with the corrections side of things? That agency is known as the IDOC or better called the Idaho Department of Corrections. 

The Idaho Department of Corrections is a unique department as it has many things that they must keep close tabs on. Some of these things include, probation offices, state-operated prisons, and parolee’s offices. These are not just in one part of the state, these offices and buildings are scattered throughout this small state. As of today, the facility does employ around 2,000 individuals. Most of these individuals who are employed are an officer within these facilities. 

The Department of Corrections within Idaho is unique in the fact that they will utilize many tools and resources given to them. There will be times that the DOC will transfer out offenders to a different state to house them, for instance.

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