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Updated on: January 6, 2023

About Illinois Department of Corrections

In 1970, the Illinois Department of Corrections was officially founded. As one may have guessed, the Department of Corrections in Illinois has a lengthy history to it. 

Unlike most other Department of Corrections, the one in Illinois already had a prison structure. When the Illinois Department of Corrections took over, they just converted the prisons into state-operated prisons and added in a few offices for various other correctional needs. 

It would not be until just four years later when the DOC decided it was time that they built their very first buildings as an organization. This building was used mainly for their staffing needs along with various other rehabilitation needs and wants that the offenders may have had. 

Throughout the years, the Department of Corrections noticed that the state also needs an adolescent department with the growing criminals in that age bracket. Then in 2006, they branched out and started operating an adolescent department that has since been a game-changer for dealing with offenders within those ages.

Basic information

Department Name
Illinois Department of Corrections
Official Website
Location P.O. Box
1301 Concordia Court, P.O. Box 19277, Springfield, IL 62794-9277
Phone Number
(217) 558-2200/ 2008

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