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Just like every other state in the United States, Kentucky also has a corrections department among the departments in their state government. 

The Kentucky Department of Corrections is liable for overseeing everything that involves the parole offices, probation offices, and the prisons under their organization. This department is responsible for looking after the corrections department. Keep in mind the courts are not a part of the corrections department either. 

With all, their taskforce is to make sure that their facilities and offices are on the same operating page. Everything that the Department of Corrections has needs to operate on the same level. 

How can they do that with the amount of buildings and offices they have? They can do this by having their employees on the same page. All the employees have training prior to being allowed to work with these offenders. 

Have issues or questions about the Department of Corrections? You can visit the headquarters that are in the Frankfort area. 

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