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About Massachusetts Department of Correction

The Department of Correctional within the province of Massachusetts is at risk for working the prison course of action of the Ward of Massachusetts in the US. The Massachusetts Department of Alteration is at risk for the authority of around 10,000 prisoners all through 16 therapeutic offices and is the greatest office in the domain of Massachusetts, using in excess of 5,200 people. The Massachusetts Department of Correction in like manner has a criminal fear unit, a gathering knowledge unit, a K9 Unit, an Extraordinary Reaction Gathering, and a Key Response Gathering. Both key units are especially arranged and are paramilitary. The office is focused in the city of Milford, Massachusetts and starting at now headed by Boss Tune Mici.

Basic information

Department Name
Massachusetts Department of Correction
Location P.O. Box
50 Maple Street, Milford, MA 01757
Phone Number
(617) 660-4600
(508) 422-3300, (508) 850-7888

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