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About Montana Department of Corrections

Felons are sent to the Department of Corrections from courts in each edge of the state as order for the legitimate offense bad behaviors they have submitted, and to guarantee society. Consistently, around 1,250 offenders walk around Montana's prison structure and 1,200 ways out. All things considered; offenders serve scarcely two years in prison before returning to the system. The department's Probation and Post-trial agents oversee around 8,500 offenders in systems all through the state. 

At the Montana Department of Corrections, they do all that they can to empower these offenders to end up being better-returning occupants. In the for the most part short time period, they must work with most offenders, they try to urge them to recognize obligation regarding the infringement they completed and perceive how those bad behaviors affected their deplorable losses. They tell them the best way to change the way they think, vanquish their addictions and manage their enthusiastic prosperity issues. Additionally, they support them occupation and major capacities. 

It's a troublesome errand, yet our success is essential to open security in each system in the state. Additionally, in this way, each system has an individual stake in getting busy with and supporting the department's undertakings to set up these inhabitants for viable reappearance.

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Department Name
Montana Department of Corrections
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Currently Incarcerated Inmates
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5 S. Last Chance GulchP.O. Box 201301 Helena, MT 59620-1301
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