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The Department of Corrections in New York is one of the busier DOC’s in the United States. Why is it so busy you may ask? It is busy since New York is a tourist state. People commit crimes left and right. Whether it is in New York City or in some other spot in New York. It is always having people enter the Department of Corrections and people who are getting released from the Department of Corrections. 

You should know that in 2020, the Department of Corrections in New York has many prisons and offices throughout the great tourist state. As of right now, these include: 

  • 11 Offices within New York
  • 8 Offices directly on Rikers Island

The above offices do not include their state prisons. The Department of Corrections in New York does have state prisons as well. They have a handful of them, but these are scattered in and around the city and the entire state of New York. 

As of a normal day, you will find over 50,000 offenders inside their facilities. In order to keep the peace and the facilities running great, they have over 10,000 people working for them as well. Whether they work inside the prisons or in one of the many offices in the state of New York.

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