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Updated on: February 3, 2023

About Oklahoma Department of Corrections

In 1890, the Department of Corrections in Oklahoma was officially developed. Yes, you have read that right. The Department of Correction in Oklahoma has been around since the 1800s. 

If it was not for the senator at the time, there would be no Oklahoma Department of Corrections. For the Department of Corrections in Oklahoma to come into existence, they needed the approval from the senator. The senator also had to make sure this was a good thing. It was no easy feat to get the Department of Correction in Oklahoma. 

But, let's be completely honest here for a minute, the Department of Corrections in Oklahoma provides their residents an overabundance of jobs. Yes, many, many jobs. More jobs than there are people, to be honest. Most of these jobs are for a correctional officer, but these jobs pay well and provide the people many good benefits. 

Basic information

Department Name
Oklahoma Department of Corrections
Official Website
Currently Incarcerated Inmates
Location P.O. Box
P.O. Box 11400. Oklahoma City, OK 73136-0400
Phone Number
405-425-2500, 405-425-2578

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