August 99 Executions

Seven killers were executed in the month of August, 1999. They murdered at least 7 people.
Nine killers had their executions stayed. They have murdered at least 14 people.

Date of scheduled execution State Victim name Inmate name Status
August 3, 1999 Ohio Marcellus Williams, 7
Joanne Richards
Derrick Evans stayed
Derrick Evans of Cuyahoga County and his co-defendant Wayne Frazier murdered 7-year-old Marcellus Williams and his mother Joanne Richards in Cleveland on March 25, 1987. Both received the death penalty.
Date of scheduled execution State Victim name Inmate name Status
August 3, 1999 Ohio Sander Leach Arthur Tyler stayed

Arthur Tyler was sentenced to death for the 3/12/83 robbery and murder of Sander Leach, an elderly vegetable vendor.

Date of scheduled execution State Victim name Inmate name Status
August 3, 1999 Ohio Amy Perkins Wiley Davis stayed
In November 1991, Wiley Davis kidnapped Amy Perkins, the wife of a popular Cleveland radio personality, from a downtown Cleveland parking lot. After attempting to rape her, Davis shot her through the head, threw her out of the car naked but still alive, and left her to die.
Date of scheduled execution State Victim name Inmate name Status
August 3, 1999 Ohio Chloie English, 84 David Allen stayed
David Allen has been on Ohio’s death row since July 15, 1991. In January of that year, 32-year-old Allen went to the Bedford home of 84-year-old Chloie English whom he had met at prison when she visited as part of her church ministry group. She had been visiting him in jail since 1984 and had sent him packages and money throughout the years. Right after Allen was released from prison on a sex offense, he went to Chloie’s home. The 4-foot 10-inch woman was stabbed 16 times, strangled, and bludgeoned. Allen took her credit cards and checkbook.
Date of scheduled execution State Victim name Inmate name Status
August 4, 1999 Texas Carl J. Rinkle Ricky Blackmon executed

On March 28, 1987, in Joaquin Texas, 29 year old Ricky Blackmon stabbed Carl Rinkle to death with a handmade sword, made from an old saw blade. Blackmon’s accomplice, Donna Mae Rogers, knew Carl and knew he usually had cash. She drove Blackmon to Carl’s home and when he opened the door, Blackmon attacked him with the sword then looted his home. Blackmon claimed that he only intended to rob Carl but when he looked in the window and saw Rogers naked in bed with Carl, he "snapped."

Date of scheduled execution State Victim name Inmate name Status
August 5, 1999 Texas Mary Mulligan, 21 Charles A. Boyd executed

On 4/13/87, when he was 27 years old, Dallas janitor Charles Boyd, a previously convicted felon, raped and strangled 21-year-old Mary Mulligan in her Dallas, Texas apartment, leaving her body in the bathtub. He then stole her car and jewelry. Boyd was sentenced to die 12 years ago for 1 of 3 North Dallas "bathroom slayings". Now 39, Boyd, has been on death row since December 1987, 8 months after he strangled and left Mary Milligan, 21, underwater in her bathtub. Boyd was also indicted in the 1986 slayings of Tippawan Naksuwan, 37, and Lashun Chappell Thomas, 22. Those women were found stabbed in their bathrooms, police said. At his trial, prosecutors said that Mr. Boyd committed burglary, robbery and sexual assault, making him eligible for the death penalty. Defense attorneys suggested that jurors should find Mr. Boyd guilty of voluntary manslaughter because he was "emotionally disturbed" and had said in a confession that Ms. Milligan called him a name and that made him angry. A Dallas jury took only 10 minutes to sentence Mr. Boyd to death. The cases involving Ms. Naksuwan and Ms. Thomas, who Mr. Boyd also admitted killing, were dropped after he was sentenced to die for Ms. Milligan’s murder. In 1991, the U.S. Supreme Court turned down Mr. Boyd’s appeal, letting rulings that he received a fair sentence stand. Rus Leachman, Ms. Milligan’s boyfriend at the time of her death, said Wednesday that he is pleased to see the execution finally scheduled. "Society will be better off without him," said Mr. Leachman, now an attorney in El Paso. "He is a very dangerous person." As an attorney, Mr. Leachman said, he understands why executions sometimes aren’t carried out for several years. "But the delay is often longer than it should be," said Mr. Leachman, who had dated Ms. Milligan for more than two years. "It is disappointing that it takes this long, especially when the evidence of guilt is pretty overwhelming." All 3 homicides occurred within a 10-month span. Police said Mr. Boyd, a night janitor at a bank building, did not know his victims but lived near them at the time of the homicides. Ms. Milligan, who had spent the day in her apartment on crutches because of a sprained ankle, had just moved from Lubbock to work at MBank. "She was a really fine person," Mr. Leachman said. "She was always looking out for someone else instead of herself." Mr. Boyd, who had previous convictions for rape and robbery, has spent almost half of his life in prison. Amnesty International, a human-rights organization opposed to the death penalty, wrote prison officials this week asking them to spare Mr. Boyd on Thursday so that his mental state can be reviewed. "… we are deeply concerned that Charles Boyd, due to his severe mental retardation, was not totally responsible," the group wrote. They said prison reports show that Mr. Boyd has an IQ of 67. "His defense lawyers failed to investigate and present evidence of his mental retardation because they did not recognize that he might have such a problem," they wrote. A prison spokesman said Wednesday that he knew of no appeals that would halt Mr. Boyd’s execution at 6 p.m. Thursday.

Date of scheduled execution State Victim name Inmate name Status
August 6, 1999 North Carolina John Simmons Joseph Keel stayed

On July 7, 1990, John Simmons was murdered by his son-in-law, Joseph Keel. Keel claimed that he set him up to kill because he was a "wife-beater". He arranged to pick up John on the pretense of going to "check out" the offices at a hog farm where he worked. Simmons was shot twice with a.22, then Keel drove his father-in-law to "get help".

Date of scheduled execution State Victim name Inmate name Status
August 6, 1999 Alabama Annie Orr Victor Kennedy executed
Victor Kennedy was convicted for the murder of 86-year-old Annie Orr on December 23, 1980 at Orr’s home in Montevallo, Alabama. Annie was badly beaten, repeatedly raped, and finally suffocated slowly on her bed under a pillowcase taped tightly around her head. The coroner testified that the tape, not the pillowcase, caused her asphyxiation. Kennedy made three statements to the police, all of which were admitted in evidence. In the statements, Kennedy admitted to accompanying Darrell Grayson, whom Annie had employed, to her house in order to steal money for Christmas. Both had been drinking heavily, and Kennedy had a gun. According to the statements, Kennedy entered the house with Grayson and searched the house for cash. Kennedy stated that he saw Grayson having intercourse with Annie, and that he entered her bedroom at this time to look for his gun. Kennedy did not admit, however, to taping the pillowcase, or to having been in Annie’s bedroom when the tape was wrapped around her head. Apart from Kennedy’s statements, the state’s evidence was circumstantial. Playing cards found in Annie’s house and on the path between her house and Kennedy’s nearby residence corresponded to the missing cards of a deck seized at Kennedy’s residence. Hairs collected from Annie’s body and bedroom, where she was found, proved to be those of a black male. Both Kennedy and Grayson are black, but forensic analysts could not identify the hairs as belonging to either of them. Serological analysis did not indicate that any of the semen present was Kennedy’s, although there was too much to have resulted from one ejaculation. At least some of the semen, however, was shown to be Grayson’s. Grayson made two statements to the police, neither of which was introduced at Kennedy’s trial. Grayson’s story differed from Kennedy’s. According to Grayson, he and Kennedy had gone to Annie’s house at Kennedy’s suggestion to rob her, and Kennedy had taken a gun. Upon breaking into Annie’s house, they both went to her bedroom. Grayson’s statements inconsistently recounted the order of events in the bedroom, but said that at some time while the two were in the house Kennedy grabbed Annie by the throat, raped her, struck her head with his fist, and held her down as Grayson wrapped the tape around the pillowcase. Grayson also confessed to having raped Annie, possibly twice.
Date of scheduled execution State Victim name Inmate name Status
August 10, 1999 Texas Madeline Rae Peters, 21 Kenneth D. Dunn executed

Kenneth Dunn is under a death sentence for the shooting death of Madeline Peters, 21, a teller at the Bank of Almeda in Houston during a $12,000 robbery. "It is not going to bring my daughter back. But it is going to give me peace of mind that he won’t be doing it to somebody else’s child." Asked what he would tell Dunn if he could speak with him, Peters replied: "Rot in hell."

Date of scheduled execution State Victim name Inmate name Status
August 11, 1999 Texas Kandy Kirtland, 9 James Otto Earhart executed
James Earhart, 56, was sentenced to die for the shooting death of a 9-year-old Bryan girl abducted from her home in 1987. Earhart, then 43 and a used-appliance dealer, was convicted of slaying Bryan youngster Kandy Kirtland on May 12, 1987. Kandy’s teacher described her as bright and likeable. Soon after the child’s disappearance, her class started a diary that teachers hoped would help the students cope with the crisis. Kandy was active in the children’s choir at her church. On May 26 in a wooded area of Bryan, 14 hours after Earhart was arrested by Walker County deputies in the Sam Houston National Forest, a jogger discovered a young girl’s decomposed body, lying face down in the brush with her hands bound behind her. Kandy was in the Crockett Elementary cafeteria early May 12 when her stepmother, Ruth Ann Kirtland, stopped by to say she was taking the girl’s younger brother to the doctor, Mrs. Kirtland testified. She told the 9-year-old to let herself into the house and wait until she returned. When Mrs. Kirtland and the boy returned at 4 p.m., the girl was gone. The front door of the house was open, and her schoolbooks were on the porch. District Attorney Bill Turner alleges Earhart, who came by the family home the week before to buy a paint sprayer, was waiting at the house when the girl got off a school bus. In a taped statement made hours after his arrest and played for the jury, Earhart said the girl approached him as he was about the leave the house May 12 and asked for a ride to nearby FM 2818. "I said, `Does your mother know?"’ Earhart said on the tape. "`Would it be all right with your mother?’ She said, `Yeah.’ I said, `Are you sure?’ She said, `Yeah."’ In opening arguments, Turner said the.22-caliber bullet fired into Kandy’s skull and found by her decomposed body was too deteriorated to be compared with those test-fired from a gun found on Earhart at the time of his arrest. But a trace metal test showed it matched bullets found by Bryan police in a search of the suspect’s home. Turner told jurors investigators found blood on the gun and on clothing found in Earhart’s auto. A jailer testified that Earhart confessed to the crime and said he was sorry for it in a phone call to his mother.
Date of scheduled execution State Victim name Inmate name Status
August 17, 1999 Texas Bruce Gardner, 33
Rick Bryant, 31
Scott Reed, 11
Georgia Ann Reed, 24
Earline Barker, 55
Larry K. Robison stayed
Larry Robison was sentenced to die for the August 10, 1982, murder of Bruce Gardnera General Dynamics assembly line worker. Robison, a former construction worker from Abilene, was arrested Aug. 11, 1982, in Wichita, Kan., driving the car of 33-year-old Bruce Gardner of Lake Worth. The previous day, Bruce was one of five people found mutilated, shot or stabbed in neighboring cottages near Lake Worth. Also killed were Bruce’s girlfriend, Georgia Ann Reed, 34; her mother, Earline Barker, 55; and Georgia’s 11-year-old son, Scott. Robison, who has acknowledged a history of drug abuse, was convicted of capital murder for Bruce’s death. But before Bruce arrived at the Shore View Drive cottage, Robison had slain Rickey Lee Bryant in the bathroom of the home they briefly shared. Rickey, 31, had been shot twice in the head, decapitated, sexually mutilated and stabbed 49 times. His penis was found in the kitchen sink and his testicles were never found. Robison then went next door and killed Georgia Ann Reed in her bed. Reed’s son Scott, who in two days would have been 12, was killed in the living room. Under his body was a hammer, which authorities suggested may have indicated that the boy had intended to defend his mother. Reed’s mother, 55-year-old Earline Barker, was also killed in the living room. She had been recuperating from surgery to correct a brain aneurysm. Bruce was killed when he arrived to pick up Georgia for a date. Rickey’s mother found her son’s body, posed with his head in the crook of his arm. Authorities then found the bodies of the other victims. Greg Pipes, the assistant district attorney who prosecuted Robison, said the idea that he was insane is an illusion. “They did diagnose him (as schizophrenic),” Pipes said. “But there are an awful lot of people diagnosed as schizophrenic that aren’t killing people." Pipes also stated that if Robison’s sentence were to be commuted to a life sentence, he would be released from prison in a few years since mandatory release laws were in effect at the time of his crime. Mandatory release requires an inmate to be given "good time" credit of one and a half days for every day served in prison. When the inmate’s time served plus his good time credits equal his sentence, he must be released, regardless of his potential as a future danger to society, after only one third of the actual sentence is served.
Date of scheduled execution State Victim name Inmate name Status
August 17, 1999 Virginia Helen Bedsole Marlon Williams executed

Drug dealer Marlon Williams was sentenced to die for the hired murder of Helen Bedsole who was divorcing her husband after 25 years of marriage. Her husband, Clark Bedsole, hired Williams to kill his wife for $4000. Clark Bedsole knew Williams because Williams had been selling him cocaine. On November 11, 1993, she was shot twice in the head as she was standing in her kitchen. Williams had numerous previous convictions. A taped conversation with an informant during which he bragged about the murder led to Williams arrest. The Supreme Court rejected his appeal in Nov. 1996. Williams’ lawyer has largely based Williams’ clemency petition to Gov. Jim Gilmore on the abuse and neglect suffered by his client during his childhood and adolescence. Sherry Bedsole of Jarvisburg, N.C., was 21 when her mother was slain. She said "I’m sorry that DeWayne had such a bad childhood, but for the last 6 years what me and my brother went through would not excuse us to go out and kill somebody." "He’s getting what he deserves," she said. "What he’s put our family through for the last 6 years won’t even compare to 10 minutes of him getting his lethal injection." As far as her father is concerned, Sherry Bedsole said, "He’s lucky he’s not lying right beside him." Clark Bedsole was tried by a jury and got a life sentence. He will first be eligible for parole in 2016. Ann Cascell of Norfolk, Helen Bedsole’s brother’s wife, said, "This excuse of abuse is just unreal. There are millions of adults out there who were abused and who never killed anybody. No matter what the circumstances are, death is 100 percent, and 100% means he will never, never hurt anybody inside or outside prison again." Sherry Bedsole and Cascell said several family members, themselves included, plan to view the execution. "He doesn’t even have to look at us when he dies, and we feel that he should have to," said Cascell. "They say the death penalty is not humane? Well, I don’t know about the electric chair, but I feel lethal injection is more humane than what he did to Helen," she said. Sherry Bedsole said, "I’m just upset about the whole situation — that (Williams is) going to the governor to seek clemency," she said. "I just have to voice my opinion because my mom’s not here to do it." Sherry Bedsole points out that Williams was also convicted of cutting the throat of Virginia Parker, the 71-year-old grandmother of his girlfriend, in 1994. He pleaded guilty to charges of burglary and malicious wounding in connection with that assault. Sherry Bedsole said, "He had planned a massacre on his girlfriend’s whole family after he killed my mom…. He did not get the death penalty just because he killed my mom. There was more involved."

Date of scheduled execution State Victim name Inmate name Status
August 18, 1999 Texas Blanche Miller, 80 Joe Trevino, Jr. executed
Parolee Joe Mario Trevino was convicted of raping and strangling a Tarrant County grandmother during a burglary of her home more than 16 years ago. Trevino, 37, had been out of prison 4 months after serving less than 2 years of a 5-year term for burglary and auto theft in Harris County when he was arrested for killing Blanche Miller, 80, at her home in Haltom City near Fort Worth. "He was pulling a two-bit burglary," Rufus Adcock, the former Tarrant County assistant district attorney who prosecuted Trevino, said. "He was back on drugs. That morning he had used both cocaine and heroin." Trevino, in a recent interview on death row acknowledged the drug use but insisted he was only a lookout and driver for an accomplice who actually killed Blanche. The accomplice, he said, later was shot and killed. "I was totally blitzed," he said. "I didn’t rape and kill her. That’s the whole thing. I don’t mind dying for my participating in it, but kill me for what I did, not for what I’m accused of doing. I was just the driver." Mr. Adcock said witnesses and evidence all pointed to Trevino as the lone murderer and dismissed any claim of an accomplice. "I never heard that before," the prosecutor, now retired, said. Blanche, who lived alone, was out drying clothes the afternoon of Jan. 17, 1983 before she walked in on Trevino, who was inside looking for valuables. According to his confession to police, she already had surrendered jewelry and silverware and he was loading his car with stereo equipment when she grabbed a phone to call for help. "I took the phone away from her and went crazy," Trevino said in the confession. The woman’s granddaughter found her body later that day and a witness who recognized Trevino and saw him at the house notified police. When police went to his house, they found the woman’s stereo there. Body fluids and footprints at the murder scene also were tied to Trevino. "The tragedy of this whole thing was he could have walked right past her," Mr. Adcock said, saying the woman probably wouldn’t have even noticed him because of her poor vision. "Her glasses were thick. He didn’t have to kill her. He just did it because she interfered with his burglary." "I’m not trying to justify my actions," Trevino said. "Life is about choices. I made the wrong choice."
Date of scheduled execution State Victim name Inmate name Status
August 18, 1999 Texas Karen Devendorf Birky, 38 Richard Smith stayed

Karen Devendorf Birky, 38, was a school teacher, of special education at Lamar Elementary School in Houston, Texas and had taken a second job at a convenience store. She was working the late shift and was robbed of $20 and shot with a.32 caliber gun in the parking lot of the store on 12/3/92. Richard Smith had 12 previous convictions, among them burglary, theft, aggravated assault and robbery and was on parole from Louisiana at the time of Karen’s murder. The store’s video camera system had caught Smith committing the crime and when he was arrested 5 hours later, he still had the gun on him.

Date of scheduled execution State Victim name Inmate name Status
August 25, 1999 Virginia Mary Ann Hughes, 70 Steve Roach stayed
In Greene Co. Virginia, Steve Roach was a neighbor of 70-year-old Mary Ann Hughes and had done odd jobs for her throughout his teen years. On December 2 in 1993, when she opened her door to him, he shot her at point blank range with a shotgun. He stole her cash, credit cards and her car and then drove to South Carolina where he abandoned the car before hitch-hiking back home and turning himself in. He confessed to Mary Ann’s murder and when he was sentenced to death, apologized to his family and to Mary Ann’s.
Date of scheduled execution State Victim name Inmate name Status
August 25, 1999 Louisiana Christina Burgin, 22 Leslie Martin stayed

Leslie Dale Martin was sentenced to die for the 6/21/91 murder of 22-year-old student Christina Burgin in Iowa, Louisiana, in Calcasieu Parish. Martin was 24 years old and met Christina at a bar while he was there playing pool with friends. He offered her a ride home and she was beaten, raped and strangled. Martin placed a board across Christina’s neck and jumped on it, cut her throat and then gouged out her eyes. Her body was not found until the first week of July, stuffed in a pump shed. Martin had previous convictions from age 14 and was on parole for an aggravated rape charge. In 1984, Martin had raped his own 14-year-old sister at knifepoint while their mother was in the hospital. He was sentenced to 10 years but served only five. Martin had repeatedly made statements that he would never go back to prison and killed Christina so she would "not complain." Martin wants to drop his appeals and says the attorneys who were appointed to represent him have lied to the courts and lied to him.

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