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Lehigh County Prison, PA Inmate Search, Visitation Hours

Updated on: September 21, 2022
Lehigh County Prison
38 North Fourth Street, Allentown, PA, 18102

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The Lehigh County Prison is operated and ran by the Lehigh County Sheriff’s Department. The Lehigh County Prison is a medium-security county facility that will house both adult male and adult female inmates from the county and other counties when needed.

Majority of the inmates who are in the Lehigh County Prison are inmates who are waiting for their trial to begin, going through their trial, or inmates who have already been sentenced.

The Lehigh County Prison will only house inmates who have two or years on their sentence.

Inmates in the Lehigh County Prison will have the chance to have a work assignment if they are not enrolled in an academic program. A work assignment will allow an inmate to earn a little bit of money while they hold down a job within the Lehigh County Prison.

Inmates who have a work assignment save the Lehigh County taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

Lehigh County Prison — General Information

Lehigh County Prison, County Jail.
Adult, Capacity 1800 persons.
38 North Fourth Street, Allentown, PA, 18102

Lehigh Sheriffs Department in Allentown, Pennsylvania

Address: 455 Hamilton Street, Allentown, Pennsylvania, 18101

Phone: 610-782-3175

Fax: 610-820-3368

Website: website

Need records about an inmate? Trying to locate information on them, but do not know where to begin?

The Lehigh County Prison does have their inmate roster on the internet for you to search at your leisure.

The database is located here. You can search the database by the inmate’s name.

Sending a Mail/Care Package

Nationwide Inmate Records Online Check

Jail records, court & arrest records, mugshots and even judicial reports.

All incoming and outgoing mail from the Lehigh County Prison will be opened by a staff member and scanned. The only items that will not be scanned or opened not in front of an inmate is legal mail.

All mail being sent to the Lehigh County Prison will need to have your return address and be mailed by the United States Postal Service.

Mail can be made out to the following address:


Inmate’s Cell Location and ID Number

Lehigh County Prison

38 North Fourth Street, Allentown, PA, 18102

Sending Money

The Lehigh County Prison offers a few different ways you can send money to an inmate to help fund their account.

The first way is you can mail a money order to the above address. You will need to have the inmate’s full name along with their ID number on it.

If you are local to the Lehigh County Prison you can always stop in and drop off the money order as well.

There is also a kiosk in the Lehigh County Prison that you can use to deposit funds as well. This kiosk will accept credit card, debit card, and cash payments. Please note the kiosk will not accept $1 bills and does not make change as well.

If you do not live local, you can log onto smartdeposit.com to fund an inmate’s account. You will need to know the ID number of the inmate in order to put money on their books. Smartdeposit also charges a service fee that starts at $2.95.

The minimum amount you can put on with Smartdeposit is $5, and the maximum you can put on an inmate’s books is $200 a week.

Phone calls

The Lehigh County Prison will permit the inmates to call home. These calls inmates will make are collect calls. Inmates will only be able to call individuals who have a landline. Cell phones cannot receive collect calls.

Inmates are limited to a 15-minute phone conversation to ensure that all inmates can make calls home to their loved ones.


Visitation in the Lehigh County Prison is by appointment only. You will need to contact the Lehigh County Prison to set up a visitation appointment.

All visitation is no-contact visit. You will be visiting an inmate through a video call. Make sure to bring your identification card to be permitted to the visitation room.

Visiting Hours

7:30 AM to 9:00 PM
7:30 AM to 9:00 PM
7:30 AM to 9:00 PM
7:30 AM to 9:00 PM
7:30 AM to 9:00 PM
7:30 Am to 2:30 PM
7:30 Am to 2:30 PM


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