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Updated on: August 30, 2020

About Tennessee Department of Corrections

Did you know the 29 state prisons inside the state of Tennessee are operated all by the same department? Yes, that department is commonly referred to as the DOC or the Tennessee Department of Corrections. 

The Department of Corrections in Tennessee is all about working with the many law enforcement agencies to make sure that the communities they serve is safe for the residents without fear of a criminal causing havoc. 

When it comes to the main concern here at the Department of Corrections in Tennessee, it is all about safety. The safety of the inmates. The safety of the employees. The safety of the residents of the communities. The department wants to keep everyone and everything safe and secure from any harm. This is mainly why the department spends thousands and thousands of dollars every year to train the people that work for them to ensure they can properly handle a situation if one were to arise.

Basic information

Department Name
Tennessee Department of Corrections
Official Website
Currently Incarcerated Inmates
Location P.O. Box
320 Sixth Avenue North Nashville, Tennessee 37243-0465
Phone Number
(615) 741-1000

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