Virginians United Against Crime – Inmates Executed 1991-1995

Case Summaries For Inmates Executed in Virginia
Between 1991-1995
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Murderer: Albert Clozza
Execution Date: July 24, 1991
Jurisdiction: City of Virginia Beach

Victim:Patricia Bolton

In February, 1983, Clozza abducted Bolton, his 13 year old neighbor in a Virginia Beach trailer park as she made her way back from visiting a bookmobile. Bolton was dragged across a field into nearby woods, raped, sodomized and severely beaten in the face.
According to the report of the medical examiner, Bolton died from inhaling her own blood and she had been violated with a 4 inch twig. Her body was found the day after the abduction, nude except for wearing one sock.

Murderer: Derick Peterson
Execution Date: August 22, 1991
Jurisdiction: City of Hampton

Victim: Howard Kauffman

On the afternoon of Feb. 7, 1982, Peterson walked into the office cubicle of the Pantry Pride on West Pembroke Avenue in Hampton, grabbed several thousand dollars in checks and cash, then fatally shot the 45-year-old Kauffman once in the stomach before leaving.

Murderer: Roger Coleman
Execution Date: May 20, 1992
Jurisdiction: Buchanan County

Victim: Wanda McCoy

Coleman attacked his sister-in-law McCoy after gaining access to her Grundy home on March 10, 1981. She was brutally attacked with a knife, having her head nearly severed from her body and was raped just a few minutes prior to her husband returning home from working in the nearby coal mines.
During the latter part of his death sentence appeals, Coleman drew a considerable amount of media attention as being a possible victim of a wrongful conviction. Supporters of Coleman tried to cast blame on a neighbor of Wanda McCoy as being the real perpetrator of the rape and murder. However, DNA tests that were conducted by Coleman’s own chosen genetic expert could not exclude Coleman from being in a subgroup within a very narrow percentage of the population with the genetic characteristics to have committed the crime. Meanwhile, the alternative suspect did not have the blood type that was found in the evidence at the scene.

Coleman had previously served time in prison for an attempted rape of another woman in Grundy. Additionally, his whereabouts on the evening of March 10, 1981 were never resolved with a verifiable alibi.
An hour before the McCoy murder, Coleman made an unexpected visit to the trailer of a female friend on the pretenses of returning an audio tape. He quickly departed after finding her husband was home. It seems quite reasonable to assume that had the husband not been present, this woman would have been Coleman’s intended victim.

Murderer: Edward Fitgerald
Execution Date: July 23, 1992
Jurisdiction: Chesterfield County

Victim: Patricia Cubbage

Cubbage was tortured by machete wielding Fitzgerald and an accomplice after being abducted from home in Chesterfield County in 1980. She was hacked 184 times by Fitzgerald’s machete. A tic-tac-toe pattern was hacked in her back by Fitzgerald while she was conscious. Pleading to be shot dead and put out of her misery, Cubbage ultimately died from blood loss.

Murderer: Willie Jones
Execution Date: September 15, 1992
Jurisdiction: Charles City County

Graham Adkins
Myra Adkins

Jones was electrocuted for the murders of Graham and Myra Adkins in their Charles City home. He knew the Adkins couple, who were in their late 70s, through their son.
On May 13, 1983, Jones disguised himself and hitchhiked to Charles City. He knocked on the Adkins’ door and identified himself as an undercover police officer who was looking for missing children. Once inside the house, he shot and killed Adkins, then bound and gagged his wife.

Jones stuffed Mrs. Adkins in a closet, shot her in the head and poured kerosene on her while she was still alive. He blasted open a bedroom safe and stole the couple’s life savings of more than $30,000, then set the house on fire in an attempt to hide his crimes.

Murderer: Timothy Dale Bunch
Execution Date: December 10, 1992
Jurisdiction: Prince William County

Victim:Su Cha Thomas

On January 31, 1982 – 28 year old Marine sergeant Timothy Bunch met 40 year old Su Cha Thomas at her Dale City apartment for dinner.
Bunch and Ms. Thomas, a divorcee, had “developed an intimate relationship” while Bunch was temporarily stationed at the U.S. Marine Corps base in Quantico. Soon after the slaying, he was transferred to his permanent duty station in Japan.

Ms. Thomas was shot in the head and then hanged from a doorknob with one of her scarves. Bunch told an investigator that he believed his victim was “a slut” who reminded him of his ex-wife. He said he had a sexual orgasm when he killed her. Bunch stole a Rolex watch, diamond ring and pearl necklace from the house and then ransacked it, apparently to make it appear the slaying had been committed by someone who had broken into the house to rob it.

Murderer: Charles Stamper
Execution Date: January 19, 1993
Jurisdiction: Henrico County

Agnes Hicks
Franklin Cooley
Stephen Staples

These three employees of a Shoney’s restaurant on Staples Mill Road in Henrico County were murdered there by coworker Charles Stamper during an early morning robbery on March 25, 1978.
The victims were herded into a walk-in freezer at gunpoint by Stamper and then shot dead. Their bodies were discovered by an employee who arrived later that morning. Stamper netted $4,000 in the robbery.
While on death row at Mecklenburg Correctional Center, Stamper was suspected of being a snitch and was attacked by a fellow inmate — leaving him paralyzed.
Disabled advocacy groups urged Governor Doug Wilder not to treat Stamper any differently by granting him clemency on account of his handicap. Wilder chose not to intervene and Stamper was executed after being carried to Virginia’s electric chair by guards in 1993.

Murderer: Syvasky Poyner
Execution Date: March 18, 1993
Jurisdiction: City of Newport News

Joyce Baldwin
Louise Paulett
Vicki Ripple
Chestine Brooks
Carolyn Hedrick

Poyner admitted to murdering five women during an 11-day spree that terrorized the Newport News area in early 1984. He told police he committed the daytime crimes at random, purposely picking easily frightened victims and getting little money.

Murderer: Andrew Chabrol
Execution Date: June 17, 1993
Jurisdiction: City of Virginia Beach

Victim:Lisa Herrington

Herrington was abducted, raped and murdered by Chabrol on July 9, 1991 in retaliation for filing sexual harassment charges that led to his dismissal from the Navy. She was abducted at 6:25 am from in front of her Virginia Beach townhouse, then driven to Chabrol’s house in Albemarle Acres in Chesapeake, where she was brutally killed.

Chabrol opted not to appeal his conviction nor expressed any regrets for having committed the homicide, which he viewed as an act of revenge.

Murderer: Joe Wise
Execution Date: September 14, 1993
Jurisdiction: Mecklenburg County

Victim: William Ricketson

Wise robbed Mecklenburg Correctional Center employee Ricketson in nearby Boydton in December, 1983. He proceeded to beat Ricketson, shot him with two guns and dumped him in a hole that had been dug for a toilet behind an old factory plant in Chase City. A skull fracture and gunshot wounds would have eventually killed the victim, but Ricketson died as a result of drowning in water which had accumulated in the hole. Wise, aged 29, then stole Ricketsons’ truck.

Murderer: David Pruett
Execution Date: December 16, 1993
Jurisdiction: City of Virginia Beach

Wilma Harvey
Debra McInnis

On February 12, 1985, Pruett raped, robbed and killed Wilma Harvey, the wife of the restaurateur who had recently given Pruett a job. The husband was out of town on business on that day. Wilma Harvey’s nude body, with multiple stab wounds, was found on her bed with her hands tied behind her back.
After being arrested for that crime, which was tried as capital murder, Pruett confessed to robbing and killing Debra McInnis, a coworker at a Kentucky Fried Chicken in 1975. He received a death sentence for Harvey’s murder and a life sentence for the McInnis’ murder.

Murderer: Johnny Watkins
Execution Date: March 3, 1994
Jurisdiction: City of Danville

Betty Barker
Carl Buchanan

Johnny Watkins was convicted of murdering convenience store clerks Betty Barker and Carl Buchanan in an eight day crime spree in Pittsylvania County and the City of Danville in November, 1983.
The robbery and murder of Barker occurred first. Watkins entered the Pittsylvania County store, bought some cigarettes and then shot her twice over the counter. He then stole $89.89 from the cash register. The robbery of Buchanan little over a week later in Danville netted $34.74 from the cash register. Bullets from the crimes matched Watkins’ pistol and his brother Darnell Watkins testified as a state witness at the trials, admitting that he and his brother planned the robberies.
Another brother, Ronald Watkins, was executed in 1998, for seperate crimes committed in Danville.

Murderer: Timothy Spencer
Execution Date: April 27, 1994
Jurisdictions: Arlington County, City of Richmond

Susan Tucker,
Debbie Davis,
Susan Hellams
Diane Cho

Spencer was Richmond’s “Southside Strangler,” whose seemingly random crimes against sleeping female victims terrorized the region in the fall of 1987. Spencer was particularly outrageous as he attacked victims as they slept in their own homes. In one instance, he bound, raped and strangled 15-year-old Diane Cho while her parents and brother slept in the same apartment. He also bound, raped and killed three other women. He was identified as the culprit by DNA evidence and was the first defendant executed as a result of DNA evidence at trial.
After his conviction, Spencer refused to speak with criminal profilers who sought to analyze his behavior and motives for committing the crimes. He died unrepentantly in Virginia’s electric chair on April 27, 1994.

Murderer: Dana Edmonds
Execution Date: January 24, 1995
Jurisdiction: City of Danville

Victim:John Elliott

In July, 1983, Edmonds murdered Elliott, a grocer in the City of Danville during a robbery. Elliot was first gagged, then stabbed in the neck with a knife and hit in the head with a brick by Edmonds. The robbery netted $40 for Edmonds and Elliot was left behind the counter by the cash register, where he bled to death from his injuries.

Murderer: Willie Lloyd Turner
Execution Date: May 25, 1995
Jurisdiction: Southampton County

Victim:Jack Smith

Jewelry store owner was killed by Turner, a lifelong criminal, during a robbery in Franklin, VA in June, 1978. While incarcerated, Turner vexed prison officials by helping to plot the 1984 escape of six fellow inmates from death row at Mecklenburg Correctional Center as well as conceal a loaded pistol in his typewriter which was discovered only after his execution.
Turner had previously committed one murder in prison during the 1970’s.

Murderer: Dennis Stockton
Execution Date: September 27, 1995
Jurisdiction: Patrick County

Victim:Kenneth Arnder

In 1978, Stockton killed his young victim in Patrick County after being paid $1,500 by another man. The victim was shot in the head and his hands were severed at the wrist. Stockton was also involved in at least one other murder in nearby North Carolina at this time.

Murderer: Mickey Davidson
Execution Date: October 19, 1995
Jurisdiction: Smyth County

Doris Davidson
Mamie Clatterbuck
Tammy Clatterbuck

Mickey Wayne Davidson, 38, admitted bludgeoning his wife, Doris Jane Davidson, and her daughters Mamie Darnell Clatterbuck and Tammy Lynn Clatterbuck with a crowbar in June 1990. He said he murdered his Smyth County family because his wife decided to return to her former husband.

Murderer: Herman Barnes
Execution Date: November 13, 1995
Jurisdiction: City of Hampton

Clyde Jenkins
Mohammed Afifi

Barnes killed a Hampton grocery store owner and clerk during a robbery at Bon’s Supermarket on June 27, 1985. At approximately 10 pm that evening Barnes accosted a clerk at gunpoint as he swept the parking lot outside the store. After leading the clerk back into the store at gunpoint as a human shield, Barnes was approached by Clyde Jenkins, the 73 year old owner of the store.
A struggle between Jenkins and Barnes then occurred, resulting in Barnes shooting Jenkins twice at point blank range. Another employee, Mohammed Afifi, heard the commotion from the back and ran to help. Afifi jumped on Barnes, who shook him off and then shot him fatally. Just as Barnes was pointing the gun at the clerk he originally accosted, Jenkins tried to get up from the floor and was shot a third time by Barnes, who then fled the scene.

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