Virginians United Against Crime – Death Penalty in Virginia

The Death Penalty in Virginia

Case Backgrounds:

We have constructed an archive offering an overview of the crimes committed here in Virginia that resulted in the ultimate penalty being imposed and carried out.

This is not meant to sensationalize these vicious crimes. Rather it is intended to inform the public about what happened to the victims in these cases, as well as the often lengthy violent criminal histories of the offenders who murdered them.

To not provide this information would risk having these cases being forgotten over time. We do not want that to occur.
This information is divided among two pages, links are below.

Executed Inmate Cases:
Short Listing – 1982 – 2004
Detailed Case Summaries:
1982-19901991-19951996-19992000 – 2004

Current Death Row Inmates Listing

Capital Appeals

Talking Point:

The JLARC 2001 Study of Death Penalty in Virginia found no evidence of racial bias nor disparity in capital cases.