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Updated on: January 14, 2023

About Washington State Department of Corrections

Many people do not know that before the 1970s there was no Department of Corrections within the beautiful state of Washington. That is crazy! It’s only been 50 years since the state of Washington has fully put a Department of Corrections in its state government. 

However, prior to the 1970s, that did not mean there was no jail structure or disciplinary structure set into place, it was just under the management of a vastly different department. Of course, that department was good for the time, but it needed a tad bit of help. 

This is when Daniel J. Evans came into play. He would be the one who finally decided it was enough and he officially put the Department of Corrections into play. You should note that it did take a while to officially transfer things over because the Department of Corrections in Washington was not fully finalized until the middle of 1981.

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